Great News for the Ripple World!  XNFTRADING.COM has launched today, as an international gateway with a local solution. The supported currencies are USD and EUR for this week, but next week they will add HKD, CNY, AUD, NZD, GBP, JPY and SGP. They are looking to support more currencies within the month of April, such as ZAR, THB and CAD.

All of those markets will only make a local bank transfer as XNFTRADING.COM has partner with AeraPay to make this happen.  Exiting times are ahead for the ripple network!

Within the next two days, XNFTRADING.COM is adding a Ripple Client to their platform to make it easier for its customers to access the Ripple Network.

As an added bonus, it has also become easier for anyone to buy XNFs right on the gateway.

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