New Stop Motion Software

New Stop Motion Software

 New Stop Motion Software – A journey in to the unknown

When I started creating our stop motion software I was predominantly conscious of two things. First of all I wanted the software to be as easy to use as possible. Secondly it had to be as fully featured as we could make it without making it complex. These two requirements can be at odds with one another with any system never mind a new stop motion software application. Our target audience was initially children between six and sixteen years of age. However we noticed later that there was no age restriction on the result. We found adults who wanted an easy to use application as much as younger people.

We researched a number of other stop motion software programs on the market back in 2007. In order to gauge the quality of the applications available to the market at the time we looked at a number of factors.

  • Ease of use
  • Features list
  • Reliability
  • Cost
  • Attractiveness

We graded all applications we found in the stop motion software arena and discovered that all applications had their strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the best stop motion software as a result was difficult at the time for potential customers.

New Stop Motion SoftwareStop Motion Software – iKITMovie

The other factor which we took in to account which I have not already mentioned was cross platform availability. In other words, should the application run on Mac or PC or both? At the time the Mac market share was in or around 12.5%. While we accepted that a higher percentage of Mac users tend to use multimedia creative software it still did not convince us that there was a sufficient market for us to pursue it. Thus we decided to concentrate on the PC Windows market. Also cost was a massive influence on the choice. Developing a cross platform multimedia application is very expensive. Both platforms use very different multimedia interfaces for capturing and presenting audio and video.

Thus the decision for us was obvious. Take all the good points from existing stop motion software and integrate them in one application. We went one step further at the time and planned to create a unique selling point. Namely the inclusion of a library of sound effects and music tracks. The reasoning behind this USP was simple. No one else in the market at that time included a bank or library of sound effects to use when creating your stop motion or Claymation animation. You had to search the web for sounds to suit your action. We believed that including a wide range of sounds (2000+) under various categories made life a lot simpler for the user.

With the categories of “Ease of use”, “Feature list” and so forth we started by designing the interface. We believed and still do that the interface is key. Without an intuitive and attractive interface we believed we were not to start the background development. We stuck to this and as a result it also made coding a lot more focussed. We released version 1 of our stop motion software, iKITMovie 12 months after interface design began. We have built on the premise of ease of use and features ever since releasing version 2 in March 2012 and version 3 in March 2013. Each release added more features and functions while keeping to the promise of ease of use, reliability and attractiveness.

We are committed to further developing of our new stop motion software in the coming years.

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