Hip-Hop Genius Hacks Into NYC World Trade Center

On Monday, July 28th a video https://youtube.com/watch?v=PAYdOajLETs was uploaded onto youtube.com featuring a new rap artist @jaronmarquis by the name or moniker of J.Marquis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaron_MarquisThis artist was shown on the video hacking into the New York City World Trade Center Freedom Tower http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_World_Trade_Cent…In the video he is seen infiltrating the city’s electrical grid system and taking over the building’s electrical system. He then turned the building into a giant audio meter while playing his song, “Taking Over the World”, the song has quickly become popular from the video and is reported to be released on iTunes in the upcoming weeks.

The newly introduced hip-hop artist J.Marquis is reported to have a background in business marketing as a strategic marketing and business development consultant and data scientist for several fortune 500 firms and investment banks. He also worked as a technology venture capitalist and advisor to several technology startups. After building a career in business, his business manager said he felt unfulfilled and empty, which prompted his career-change and public announcement, saying that making good music is his passion. J.Marquis has already created a small catalog of songs that have quickly gained in popularity. From remixing some of Billboard’s top hits showing his ability to create pop genre sounds to several original tracks that have very catchy and memorable hooks.

After releasing the video online, representatives from wix.com and godaddy.comhave reported that his site at www.jmarquismusic.com has crashed several times from visitors trying to download the free song. With over 300,000 downloads in the last 36 hours. It has now been temporarily removed from the site to prevent further crashing. This new emcee has truly made quite an entrance and from the growing popularity of his unreleased catalog, he may prove to be here for a while.

When asked about the WTC hacking song’s title of ‘Taking Over the World’, J.Marquis said he is currently developing a heist feature film script with a team of Hollywood screenwriters http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6210967/hackers taking on the worlds most coveted landmarks and possessions. They needed a song for the film and that was simply the most fitting with Electronic Dance Music style qualities.

J.Marquis is signed onto the indie label Urban Genius Entertainment. He is also listed as the label’s CEO as well as one of its five artists according to its website atwww.urbangeniusentertainment.com.

For more info visit: www.jmarquismusic.com