Six great closing techniques


Selling is not for everybody. Some salespeople just seem to have golden tongues. They seem to be able to wipe away objections and change doubting clients into eager buyers with a few sentences. Others have to fight their way through every sale.

The difference between excellent and average in salesmanship is often the ability to close a sale. Through the years salespeople have developed some very distinctive methods of closing the deal.

Some of these methods rely on planting the seed into the mind of the client that the sale is a foregone conclusion.

The Assumptive Close is one of these techniques. The salesman does not wait for a yes or no from the client. He or she can end a presentation by saying something such as “just give me your credit card and we are ready to go”.

The so-called Alternative Close is very similar. This is where the salesman states his case and then asks the client whether he or she would like to pay in cash or with a credit card.

These methods can work fine when you are dealing with a client who cannot really say no. Buyers are not all the same however and others need a bit more time and persuasion before they will take out their wallets.

The Balance Sheet Close is a safe option when the client is determined not to be bulldozed into any decision. In this technique the salesperson will list the pros and cons of buying a product. A final reminder of the benefits that the sale may hold is often a persuasive argument.

The Puppy dog Close is a technique with a high success rate although unfortunately it cannot be used for many products. In this technique you actually offer the client the opportunity of working with the product such as test driving a car.

The Possibility of Loss Close is a remarkably successful technique. The client is presented with a situation of what if the price goes up? Or what if the product is sold out by tomorrow? The fear of a possible bargain missed is often strong enough to persuade the client to buy. While all the techniques mentioned have proved to be of great value to salespeople over the years there is one technique that stands out as the undisputed king of closing techniques. That is the Relationship Technique. This takes time and at the beginning there is no selling and no sales talk. Your first aim is to build a positive relationship with the client. People will find some reason to buy from a friend. It is of crucial importance to turn your clients into friends because after the first sale they might just buy from you again.

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