Dear Destiny, You were supposed to be better than Halo

Dear Destiny, You were Supposed to be Better than Halo


Dear Destiny, You were Supposed to be Better than Halo

A rant from the War Wizard…
Bungie, you had created one of the best gaming franchises in Halo. It’s what gave the Xbox a chance against PlayStation. You defined the first person shooter genre playing style. With Halo 2, you introduced the online multi-player component that again, helped Xbox Live compete (and beat) the Playstation network. Along comes Halo 3 and you took it another step – moving Halo into the world of MLG competition. Then you got the idea about becoming an independent studio again, and not stuck to just one platform. Your obligations to Microsoftforced you to make the Halo ODST and of course, Halo Reach.

Because you were so successful with the Halo IP, you were able to buy yourself out of the Microsoft exclusive contract and return to being an independent studio, free to create for all platforms.

You partnered up with Activision so that you could leverage the power of a major distributor. All of these actions were very smart and savvy on your end.

Free to create a new IP with no limitations on platform or what story to tell, you chose to build another sci-fi shooter/MMO style game with Destiny.

I’ll admit a few things. I love the way the guns work in the game. Practically flawless. Most of the powers each character class have are very cool. Graphics are amazing, but in today’s gaming environment, you don’t get extra points for that since it’s a fairly easy thing to accomplish. Music and the audio are tip-top. So let’s compare a few things:

The Star Wars Speeder Bike Sparrow is nice, but true to Bungie tradition, you give me a vehicle with no weapons on it (like the Mongoose in Halo. At least 343 got that right and updated it with guns). Maybe give it some sort of firing power so that my only option is not just using it as an accidental battering ram.

Again the gun aiming and firing are perfect. Each weapon feels “right” based on the looks and audio you made for each one.

On the rare occasions that I am super charged on a multi-player match, AND I can unleash it in a group of enemies, I admit, feels awesome.

Destiny Character Classes 

Story – I played the Warlock class and when I “beat the game” (Did I?) all I got was a pre rendered scene where the weird Exo chick gave me her gun, and some people cheering towards the Traveler.

No explanation AT ALL about what/who/where the Traveler is. Not a hint about what it was, or what it will be.

I get that the Guardians are a group of heroes, and that covers up for a lot of loopholes in the game play, but shouldn’t the protagonist feel like they are the reason the world continues to exist and not fall into the hands of evil? I feel like I was worker ant in the colony that went into the wild, found a few things, and then came back to the hive unchanged. No big deal really since my character is a “chosen one”.

It’s about the same as if after Luke came back to his Aunt and Uncle’s house after it was razed and told himself, “Well, stormtroopers are here now, I better be more careful” and that was it. End of story, roll credits.

Grinding – The Patrols. The Raids. The Strikes.

I know you need reasons to have players come back to the game. There are those who I personally know who absolutely LOVE your game and don’t mind. But I’m fairly certain that happens with every game that get’s a huge public release. I enjoyed Destiny, but after finishing “Story Mode”, I really don’t see any other reason to go back and play it again. It’s also kind of unfair to players who don’t want to play multi-player in order to get all the good “extras” that you randomly earn when playing on multi-player.

I have a money making option for you. Tell me I just need to pay $20 for everything. I’ll give you that every time. I know many others would too. And the Battlefield franchise has made a ton of extra profit from that approach, so we know it’s a proven winner.

I know that the game is going to have expansion packs, but maybe I just don’t want to buy those? What have you done to EARN my money moving forward?

Loot caves – Really? I know some people got bent out of shape about these. Personally, I could care less about it.

Loading screen fakery! When playing the beta of the game it was cool to see my ship orbiting around some planet and then once the players where found, watching it either dive to the surface, or “warp” to the next planet. But after seeing those same animations when I am already on Earth and want to go to the Tower (which is also on Earth), and I need to see that as well? You really need a way to fix that.

Multiplayer – I have played 179 games according to your stats: [pontifixx] (Clicking on that link will open a new window.)

Only one time did I get a Mercury map. ONE TIME! What is up with that?

I am currently level 25 and while it’s cool that at the time of this post I am over the level 20 soft cap that’s been mentioned, every time I enter the Crucible, it still feels like it did when I was a level 1 player.

How come on Facebook, I kept on seeing you guys talk about the game before it even came out? Like how it won awards, asked us to create our own Guardians? Because I don’t know about you, but it was very difficult to create something to which I had no access to.


Halo 5 Guardians

The next Halo game (the 5th in the series) is named Halo 5: Guardians. In Destiny, your character is a “Guardian”. In playing all previous Halo games coded by Bungie, if you escaped the boundaries of a map, or died in some mysterious way, the message would say that your character was “Killed by the Guardians”.

Killed by the Guardians

Terminology is just WAY too coincidental here for there not to be related.

Maybe Master Chief is the TRAVELER? An evolved MC absorbs all of the Forerunnertechnology and knowledge. Because he has evolved, he can transform himself into energy “Motes of Light” – similar to how Cortana exists – and transfers all that knowledge to his home planet of the human race.

Wouldn’t that be one hell of a punch in the balls to Microsoft?



Is there any way you can get me to come back and get Destiny 2?

Not gonna lie. It’s going to be really hard for me to justify that purchase. If you want me to invest into your story, YOU HAVE TO GIVE ME MORE STORY instead of some powerful being that came, provided some technology and is slowly dying. Part of my attraction to Destiny was thinking that I would learn what the hell the Traveler was. Big NOPE there. I still don’t know any more than the day I started playing. And that sucks since that is the “hook” that made me want to learn about the world of Destiny that you created.

Overall, you guys did a really good job, but the ending just felt empty. Like there was more that was not told that had to be cut out in order to make the launch date (Ghosts of Halo 2 perhaps?)

Of course, given the current Master Chief Collection multi-player fiasco, at least your online matchmaking works. Most of the time.

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