Have your windows cleaned at least twice a year

The most ideal schedule for your window washing is to have your windows cleaned at least twice a year. Most people don’t look forward to having to clean their windows and this is because most homeowners attempt to clean with paper towels and a store bought spray window cleaner. Trying to clean the windows this way doesn’t work well and results in the use of many paper towels and it leaves streaks everywhere.

The best way to clean the windows is with a bucket of soapy water, a brush and a squeegee. The squeegee is perhaps the most important tool in window cleaning. It is what allows the professionals to have streak free windows that can really transform your home or business from a bland and dirty space to a beautiful, livable one. Another advantage of the squeegee is that it allows you to clean the windows much faster than you could do with paper towels or any other way.

What this means is that the squeegee really is the star of the professional window cleaners tool box. It’s efficient, cleans well and produces great looking results. There is a certain wiping technique that the professionals use to get the windows flawlessly clean. The best way to see this in action is to hire a professional window washing for your Dallas, Tx home.