Please check out the crowd-funding campaign for Smart Back Brace – new generation posture correcting device.

Please check out the crowd-funding campaign for Smart Back Brace – new generation posture correcting device.

From the inventor:
Hello, I am Andy and I have been struggling with my posture for years. I have tried many different devices but none of them did what I wanted. I found clavicle straps, the ones that pull your shoulders back, work the best. But the problem is they only work for the first 3-5 minutes and after that your body gets used to the device and becomes depended on  it. I thought that’s not right! There must be a better way to train your muscles to stay back by themselves. If only I could somehow detect the wearer is slacking off, and remind him or her to pull shoulders back. While wearing one of those clavicle braces, I have noticed as I relax my shoulders, the tension on the straps increases. In fact, it increases so much that it hurts my underarms! Bingo! It hit me. Why not put a small tension sensor on the strap? When it detects that the average tension has increased, it will know that the user has relaxed and will notify him or her to straighten up. This is how the original idea of SBB was born.

We are currently developing the prototype version of SBB. Our team consists of 5 members: Andy Goubarev (inventor and hardware engineer), Tom Leicht (computer engineer and app developer), Tom Stenson (electronics engineer), Christopher Kiss (medical adviser and product tester), Ana Binachi (marketing and PR). Our company is located in Los Angeles, CA. The SBB was originally conceptualized by Andy in October 2014 using the 3D drawing program – AutoCAD. Since then, we have been working together to refine those designs. Most notably, the body of SBB has been designed and re-designed several times to be able to withstand the forces, as well as to be small enough to wear undetected under the clothes. Additionally, we have developed several designs for straps. All of them will be adjustable in length and detachable from the unit. Many other parts of the device are also being reworked: including the micro USB charger, vibrator motor, battery, Bluetooth transceiver, tension sensors, microchip, and iPhone/Android app. In general, it is a pretty complex project. But we are confident that we have both: ability and desire to complete it.

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