Acupuncture Points For Weight Loss

Acupuncture Points For Weight Loss


acupuncture for obesity



There are a lot of people who are overweight. For those who are obese, perhaps surgery is the best option but for those who can’t do surgery, they can see if acupuncture may be a better solution to lose weight. Before any needles are inserted, an acupuncture specialist will first ask the patient some questions and perform an examination. This is needed to understand the main cause for the person to be overweight. If you are in need of shedding a larger number of pounds, acupuncture treatments can last for a longer period of time. Treatments should be organized 3-5 times a week depending on your metabolism. Acupuncture treatment typically lasts 30-45 minutes and it’s performed using sterile filiform needles that are applying pressure on specific acupuncture points on the body. Acupuncture needles will then stimulate the release of endorphins in the body.

Acupuncture is a form of holistic healthcare that uses needles to help treat a patient. Unlike the cartoon where the balloon will pop and all the air will go out, the needles that are inserted into the vital points will stimulate the body to release endorphins thus helping the person control their appetite. Putting acupressure pins upon the points can lessen or completely stop the sense of hunger. To prevent hunger and curb appetite, a key point of pressure must be placed midway between the upper lip and nose.

Using acupuncture points for weight loss is a very effective way of stripping fat from the body by prohibiting appetite. There is approximately 2,000 acupuncture points in the body with each each point having a different aspect of treatment that can be utilized. Understand that the method of acupuncture is one of the aids for weight loss, and it is necessary to have a healthy diet and exercise program in combination with acupuncture to be proven successful.

During the initial treatment, the “Four Gate” points would be used to circulate energy throughout the entire body. There are numerous points in the body that are actually in direct relation with hunger in the brain. It is also possible that electro simulation will also be done to increase endorphin release and stimulate metabolism.

These needles will be kept in place for 30 to 45 minutes depending on how much support is needed. These are then removed and replaced with ear tacs with adhesives to make sure they are in the same spot as the needles. They remain in the ear for up to 3 months.

Some instances have proven to be highly effective as an aid in weight loss. People who have considered acupuncture in combination with diet and exercise usually say that acupuncture significantly decreased appetite and food cravings. The patient will also have to reduce cravings on certain food by cutting down the intake. Some studies suggest that this can also lower insulin levels or lipid levels in the blood.


It is important to consult a doctor first or an acupuncturist that has an extensive background in performing acupuncture therapy. Remember to be successful in losing weight with acupuncture, it important to be consistent with the therapy provided to you. Skipping therapies can lead to an interruption in weight reduction. When creating a healthy regimen of diet and exercise along with meditation will help enhance the therapy you choose.


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