Meeting Robert Nikic in Tampa (My Quick Run-In)

I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Robert Nikic, a trending entrepreneur that has been featured on Forbes and The Huffington Post. The spike of ambition and belief Robert has for small businesses is outrageous, as do many entrepreneurs for their own daily drives. What caught my attention is Roberts’ one short phrase and the way the he referenced it to his own company’s trail.

During our run-in conversation at the Tampa Convo, I felt like I was filtering words as keywords coming out of his mouth in a tag cloud. Strapped with fluency in five languages and being born in technology driven country, Robert has managed to build a well-off business in less than two years that has helped thousands of boasting customers build an unforgettable web presence through one of several services Herolocity offers.

All I wanted to know is…HOW? With hundreds of local website firms standalone in the Tampa Bay area, Robert has managed to exceed regards to a national level in a short period of time.

In his exact words:

“We now live in a technology driven world that in the next few years may change the way we visualize in its entirety. Look at the Microsoft HoloLens as a seven year project that was undiscovered until its first demo release. That is the way I visualized Herolocity, as a company that needs to innovate beyond DIY website builders and traditional web developers in a wholly different way.”

Remembering our conversation, the word visualize is what bloated my invisible tag cloud and how he referenced it to the HoloLens that was just recently announced in a rather mysterious way was interesting.

While Robert may be on the road to great accomplishments, he certainly has the psychological level of experience in leading Herolocity on its path to success. During our short conversation, he managed to open my mind on a whole new level of looking at innovation and that with the vast amount of startups roaring the web – he has no doubts that there are plenty more undiscovered opportunities that take not the level of skill or experience to tackle, but the right level of imagination and leadership to put into effect.

Considering Robert Nikic is only in his early 20’s and that his vision has long lived prior to being put into effect, it’s always pleasant seeing an ambitious entrepreneur shed light in an industry without a MBA in Business.

Robert Nikic’s personal website: