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I have played with CT(Cold Thermogenesis) for a few years now and had great benefit in overall health,vitality,and recovery. Like any journey it has had its share of pitfalls and failures. I have played with ice packs,ice vests,cold showers,cold weather workouts,ice baths,cold water swims,and even swimming in frozen pools and lakes. After all that, I realized there is actually an easy and effective progression to cold adaptation and all the benefits that come along with it. Since I have some experience with CT,when I experienced a Cryo Chamber I knew right away that its mostly marketing and another quick fix for most people that don’t want to put in the effort and time to truly experience benefit from CT. Cryo chambers have there place for a certain type of individual but all the claims that are made are only true of prolonged cold exposure of more than the 3 minutes that you get using cryo chambers. If you are new to cold exposure and not at all adapted then it can be a great tool in getting you started. The issue is that once you start to adapt and its no longer cold to you for just the 3 minutes you get,then its not anywhere near as effective as cold water exposure for 10-30 minutes.Especially when you look at the ridiculous cost involved. I see them as a gimmick for a wealthy type of client that likes the convenience of not getting wet and only needing a few minutes to get it in. All I felt was a bit refreshed after.

Cryo Chamber In Las Vegas

Cryo Chamber In Las Vegas

Good old ice bath at roughly 55 degrees F for 20-30 minutes

Good old ice bath at roughly 55 degrees F for 20-30 minutes

That being said lets look at some of the commonly known benefits of CT.

-Lowers Body Fat

-Helps With Immune Function

-Reverse Diabetes

-Strengthen Adrenal Function

-Lower Inflammation

-Increase Hormone Levels

-Deep/Quality Sleep


-Tight And Healthy Skin

-General Faster Recovery For Training

Now lets see the reason and the mechanisms at work that make these benefits happen. I will go over what I think are the big 3. This is just skimming what is happening but I want to keep this understandable for myself and you.


-BAT(Brown Adipose Tissue)OR BROWN FAT




BAT(Brown Adipose Tissue)

WAT(White Adipose Tissue) is used to store excess calories we consume but BAT actually burns WAT to produce heat. When fully activated brown fat activates 300 times more heat than any tissue in the body. Your body is trying to maintain its ideal 96.6 to 101 degrees fahrenheit. So when you are exposed to cold you activate BAT. The beautiful thing is that you usually need to burn through blood glucose and glycogen stores in the liver and muscles before you can utilize fat for energy,but BAT activation directly burns WAT for fuel. BAT in adults is mainly found in the collarbone and upper chest and back area. You can actually raise the level of BAT in your body with cold exposure,proper exercise,and even certain foods,but CT is the most effective way I have found. Also glucose uptake has been observed to increase 12X in BAT by cold exposure.


Adiponectin is a protein hormone that is involved in regulating glucose levels and fatty acid breakdown. It is secreted by adipose tissue(Fat) during cold exposure. When the hormone is released it breaks down fat and shuttles glucose into the muscles which in turn lowers blood sugar. Hence the reason CT can help reverse diabetes. Low adiponectin levels go hand in hand with quite a few health issues. The big ones being obesity and diabetes.

Adiponectin Benefits

-Fat Burning And Weight Loss

-Insulin Sensitivity

-Muscular Enhancement

-Reduced Inflammation

-Improves Heart Disease And Metabolic Disorders


Irisin is a hormone released by muscle tissue during higher intensity CT and after high intensity workouts. The key with Irisin seems to be the fact that when its released it lowers Myostatin.

Myostatin is a signaling protein that binds to muscle tissue inhibiting division and growth. NOT GOOD FOR MUSCLE BUILDING!

-So Irisin lowers Myostatin allowing increased muscle growth.

This explains to me why when I incorporate a lot of CT into  my routine,I drop body fat and keep muscle while holding on to strength gains. Another huge benefit to Irisin release is thats its associated with longevity due to the fact that studies have shown its linked to increasing DNA Telomere length which itself is widely associated with a longer lifespan.

So Basically-

CT=Increases Irisin=Lower Myostatin=Allows Increased Muscle Growth

You will not get these hormones released in a cryo chamber in 3 minutes. That is why I think they are bogus. Again they have there place with someone who has money burning a hole in there pocket and is just starting out with CT and isn’t ready for the cold water yet. If that’s your case then use them a few days a week for a month and then move on to better methods.