The Heavy Price Your Hair Pays For Hair Extensions

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The Heavy Price Your Hair (Not Just Wallet) Pays For Hair Extensions

Yes, we all want long luscious locks and we don’t have the patience to wait and wait for our hair to grow, so the quick fix solution is hair extensions.

As a fascinating fact, Americans are spending billions every year on extensions.

But buyer beware: You might have the locks you want right now, but in the long-term, the consequences are far-ranging.

Celebs even get it wrong, too.


Dr. Rezsko told “It’s the price of beauty that some people are willing to pay, but it is unfortunate. Hair loss can be reversible if corrected early.”

Dermatologist Dr. Anetta Rezsko told ABC, he sees patients whose hair has been damaged by extensions gone wrong.

“In medical terminology, we actually use the term traction alopecia to describe the hair loss and sometimes it’s permanent hair loss due to the extensions,” Rezsko said.

Reszko said all that sewing and pulling with weighty extensions literally pulls a woman’s hair out. Some glues can cause an allergic reaction. And while women should expect to lose half their hair by the age of 50 as a normal part of aging, any unusual loss needs to be evaluated.

Avitzur, who is also the medical adviser for Consumer Reports, adds: “I think the risk of baldness, if you start to get hair loss, that’s really my bottom line.”

He adds, if these are signs you see,  “then stop immediately.