Spacerails (Great Fathers Day Gifts)


SpaceRail marble rollercoaster

Taking a SpaceRail marble rollercoaster to work is the perfect team building project.


Team building activities among friends, family, and colleagues is very important to constructing and strengthening relationships. Businesses want to create those strong relationships among employees, because in the end it means higher productivity translating to higher profit. Colleagues who participate in team building projects, like building a SpaceRail marble rollercoaster, have higher morale, feel less stressed, and have improved communication in group settings.


When people are able to interact with one another, in a friendly setting, they are able to create bonding friendships. Having friendships at the office is very beneficial to not only the participants but upper management. People are more likely to enjoy coming to work, report less absences, and have improved work performance.

Adding a SpaceRail to your lunch room where colleagues can have fun and challenge or ask advice on building is a good way to establish those friendships



Having colleagues work on fun team projects lets them take their stress energy and put it elsewhere. When people are able to focus on an entirely different project from their work, it allows them to relax from what they were doing before and turn their attention to something else. Many people, also, find that when they are occupying their hands and trying to build a SpaceRail marble rollercoaster, that they feel less stressed and feel more satisfaction of contributing to those group projects.



Having projects that force colleagues to communicate instructions to each other can also benefit communication in the office. Placing a SpaceRail kit in the office and having colleagues work together on it allows them to openly express instruction to one another, practicing their communication.


Try taking and building a SpaceRail marble run in your office. Its complexities made for adults creates a fun environment for co-workers to work with one another. Create office challenges or competitions that make it more exciting for those to participate in these team-building exercises. Then, enjoy the benefits of higher job satisfaction among employees, a less stressed environment, and better communication throughout the office.

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