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Did you know that when you say yes to you, you say yes to everyone?

I know that may seem selfish yet when it is a yes to enhancing your life and your being, it is contagious and others will be able to say yes to their true desires.

Wouldn’t that be amazing, everyone enjoying their true desires?

Desires that enhance your life, that make your eyes shine and your heart sing. I’m not talking about egoistic wants… now that would be selfish.

Scott and I were just talking about this…

I bought a warranty for a vacuum cleaner that I thought was too expensive, yet when I checked in with my knowing it felt like a true yes to buy. The warranty was at a discount and it gave us some holiday rewards. We decided to use the holiday rewards for a weekend away that logically wasn’t at the right time due to work and other commitments, yet once again it was a yes.

While we were away, it rained and rained. The restaurant at the hotel we were staying at was closed for 1 of the 3 days and we weren’t able to do what we had planned because of the weather. However, there was an open fire…

When Scott was younger he loved watching the fire… absolutely fascinated… and when we were on our weekend away that love was rekindled.

We now have an open fire in our backyard that is giving us a lot of joy and I have a happy husband.

Sorry if that was a bit long winded but if I hadn’t trusted my knowing about buying that particular vacuum cleaner, who knows what would have happened to our relationship?

I’m joking a little because I know that there would have been other opportunities, yet why pass up on saying yes to you? What is stopping you from saying yes all the time?

When you say yes to you, you also get a chance to say no without feeling guilty.

I remember a few years ago, a friend of mine was coming over to visit and she rang at the last minute to say that she wasn’t coming. I was a little annoyed because I had rearranged my day to fit her in and her excuse was that she simply didn’t want to come over today.

I am so glad she trusted herself to yes to her because during that time that I was supposed to be spending time with her, I meditated, and during that meditation, I received an idea that expanded my life considerably! I acted on the idea immediately and it changed my life and the lives of others in ways that I could never have imagined.

Say yes to you whether someone wants you to or not.

Write down all the things that you would like to do in your life over the next few months.

Is it to go on a course? Is it to visit friends and family? Is it to experience something that you never imagined you would do?

And then write down all the reasons stopping you.

Ask yourself if these reasons are enhancing your life or diminishing it?

Are they allowing you to say yes to you?

Are you willing to say yes to you despite these reasons?

Are you willing to take action on your yeses?

Are you willing to follow your yeses to allow your desires to manifest?

Are you willing to keep saying yes when everything is showing you that it can’t possibly happen?

I have so many things on my “YES!” list that I have no idea how they are going to be realised. I simply know that if I keep following the energy of the yes, it will show up in a way that I never imagined and of course that will always be better than what I’ve planned.

All of these yeses are in your energy field.

They are there waiting for you to embody the energy and all you have to do is ask for it.

Ask for your Angels, Guides, your Higher Self and God’s help. They love helping us get what will allow us to say yes more often. They have fun with this stuff and it could be something that you could play with as well.

Have you ever played “Reach” when you’ve lost something?

I do it all the time and I do it for my yeses that are yet to appear.

Put your hands out in front of you as if someone is going to put something in them. Imagine your yes, your desire in your hands and say, “Reach”.

It is then up to you to follow the information you receive to allow your desire to come to you.

It’s almost like a game of Marco Polo where you are constantly given hot or cold messages until you reach your desire.

Start with things you know you will find, keys, purse, etc. Then move on to things that are a yes for you to manifest.

Have fun with it and let me know what you bring into your reality from your energetic world and of course if you need a little assistance, I’m always here to lend a hand.

Loving you… Loving life…

Rosemary Davey

Rosemary Davey lives with her husband Scott and her fur babies in Western Australia. She has a background in Mind Body Medicine and Holistic Counselling and uses tools and techniques in her programs to enhance the relationships in your life.