Quick Tips to Build Your Business

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Quick Tips to Build Your Business by Jeanne L. Clayton

Anyone who has ever tried to start a new business, rather a traditional brick and mortar business or even a home based business, knows the challenges of building your business fast and efficiently.  Check out this 4 minute video on the the top ways to build your business while balancing your already crazy life!Quick Tips to Build Your Business 

The number one challenge for most entrepreneurs is balancing and maximizing their time.  When you are in charge of your own future and fortune, NO time can be wasted!! Quick Tips to Build Your Business

     Quick Tips to Build Your Business will keep you on track. Daily discipline is another tip to building your business fast!  Even when traveling, I practice daily discipline.  Whether it be posting on social media, working on personal development by reading and meditating, or reaching out to people about my business, I am consistently working on my business with 100% effort, even when nobody else is watching!

Stay focused!  You got this!






Globus Capital Associates Limited Forex – Automated Trading

Globus Capital Associates Limited Forex is all about the best features in automated trading.  When you trade here in the site, you will be lucky enough to get access to expert advisors in Metatrader.  And the major advantage when trading with this site is that you will be having the flexibility to manage multiple accounts in complete comfort.  Mobile trading is an advantage with this site.  A wide selection of technical indicators that are provided in this site adds up to open up new thinking patterns to make money.

Web Trader – Mobile Trader

Top level forex trading is possible with the web trader and the Meta trader feature offered by the site.  You can execute your trade from the laptop or your desktop or any other gadget in existence.  And all this you can do in complete ease.  Advanced charting with more than 30 indicators is provided in this site.  The social trading process is seamlessly integrated in this platform.  This interface is completely user friendly.  The web platform is completely mobile and tablet compatible.  Real time rate streaming is the plus for this site.

Trading Platforms

MetaTrader4, SirixWebTrader, and mobile platforms are the trading platforms at your disposal for your forex trading experience.

Social Trading

Social trading is about getting a view of how others are making their trades and making your bets accordingly.  Check in to the social trading section and you will be glad you copied from them.  However, sometimes copy can leave you regret.  With experience you will be able to realize who is a copy-worthy trader and who is not! It all comes handy with practice.

Getting Educated

You should get used to many parameters like what is Forex trading, the methods to trade forex, ebooks, tutorials, and strategies.

What more do you want than a regulated, secure, technologically advanced, mobile trading, education-enabled and asset-optimized trading platform for your forex trading requirements.  The trading tools offered at Globus Capital Associates Limited are superior trading tools.  All you should be doing is to make the best use of the tools and information from the market analysis process to execute the best trades each time you participate in the trading process.

No two traders have similar ambitions or trading approaches.  Therefore, when you are placing your trades when you consider copying you need to understand that the end goals of the person from whom you are copying the trades might not be similar to yours.  Know where you fit in and make your trade accordingly.

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Business leaders are being urged to attend a major conference where a wealth of business opportunities awaits


28/9/14 –

Introducing the Venture Capital Word Summit.

The Venture Capital World Summit in Cardiff is catered towards communities helping them to grow and raise awareness of various important issues, such as unique networking opportunities, inspiration with leadership development, innovative ideas, upcoming markets and niches, all of which are considered key importance.

This event will also be promoting and showcasing more opportunities on capital funding including crowd-funding, asset management, businesses for sale, mergers and acquisitions.

More than 550 delegates are already expected to cover the City Stadium Corporate Lounge on Friday, October 17, among highly regarded academics.

Those seeking new global opportunities will be given the opportunity to rub shoulders with a selection of embassies’ representatives and investment groups.

Purchase Tickets Now

An impressive list of inspiring professional speakers are booked throughout the day and the world will be able to watch as they share insights though influential talks and feedback from the event itself.

They include: American business leader David Drake also representing European Trade Association for Business Angels and Seed Funds,

‘The Grumpy Entrepreneur’ David Murray-Hundley and leading innovator and business mentor Anthony Tinsley.

Tickets are already in high demand for this highly anticipated summit which follows last year’s hugely successful inaugural event, this is first of its kind to be held in Cardiff.

“We are really looking forward to this 2014 prestigious event,”– Elio Assuncao, Director of Venture Capital World Summit Ltd.

“It will be an exciting and innovative event and many surprises are planned, which will certainly make it memorable for all delegates, speakers and a selection of exhibitors.”

A range of sponsorship deals and exhibition packages are now available and tickets are now on sale.

Package options range from a Day Delegate’s ticket which includes refreshments, continental breakfast, lunch and entertainment, to a VIP Delegate ticket which includes private meeting rooms. Group discounts are also available for parties of various quantities.

For further information and to book a reversed seat, please visit VentureWorldSummit.com or contact via Email Address for enquire below.






Business Tote Bags for Today’s Career Needs

Business Tote Bags for Today’s Career Needs


A good business tote bag is a woman’s best friend. A functional leather tote gets all of your essentials from point A to point B in style. Look for a bag with a padded slot for your laptop or tablet device. Make sure it has pockets for your smartphone, keys and pens. Think about how you want to carry the bag — in your hand, with double handles on your shoulder or using a longer detachable strap. Verify that the dimensions and shape will suit your needs and taste. Finally, look for appealing style points and a color that fits your personality and work environment.

Here are a few bags from iCarryAlls to tempt you. Each one is made of genuine leather and is fully lined.

tote1.jpg  Designer Genuine Leather Laptop Tote Bag with Shoulder Strap

  • Includes a detachable shoulder strap and padded laptop pocket.
  • The tote is 14.5 inches across, 10.5 inches tall and 7 inches from front to back.

tote2.jpgtote2b.jpg Classic Designer Leather Work Tote Bag for a Laptop and iPad or Tablet

  • No shoulder strap, but it has metal and leather handles as well as a laptop pocket.
  • This tote is 16 inches across, 12 inches tall and 5 inches from front to back.
  • Divided interior and integrated pockets keep everything in place.


If black is too basic, try a little color:

tote4.jpgSmooth Leather Upright Laptop Work Tote Bag

  • Neutral shade of caramel-bronze.
  • Double handles and a padded laptop section.
  • The bag is 14 inches across, 12.5 inches high and 5 inches from front to back.

tote3b.jpgtote3.jpg Designer Leather Laptop Work Tote Bag with Organizer Pockets

  • Day-brightening shade of dark pink.
  • Double handles, a padded laptop section and handy organizational pockets.
  • This lovely tote is 14.5 inches across, 9.5 inches high and 6 inches from front to back.

For more great styles, click through to the iCarryAlls work tote bag page.

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Drop shipping Gone Nuts


Drop shipping Gone Nuts

Wow! I cannot believe the results I have been getting with this Business I’m Drop shipping with. I just started Drop Shipping last month and I had a brand new eBay andAmazon account. I told myself I was going to focus because I want to change my financial situation and get out of the 9 – 5 because you wont build wealth working for anybody.dsd

When I set the intention that I was going to be Laser Focused on my business and take it to the next level I did just that in a small period of time. Within 2 weeks I was starting to make sales on eBay on a daily basis! Yes you heard me right on a daily basis I have beenMaking Sales with Dsd. This has been the easiest thing I have ever done in my life to make cash fast.

You don’t have to be special to make money online you just need the right knowledge and that is what you get when you start Drop Shipping here at Dsd. My eBay account is brand new and it’s blowing up like I’m a top seller on eBay which I will be very soon. People think you have to have all this special feedback on your account to make sells and be seen. I’m living proof that you can start from scratch and start taking your business to the next level.

My Drop Shipping Has Gone Nuts and yours can too! Just know that you want to change your financial situation and you wont give up. Because your Breakthrough is right around the corner and if you quit you will never reach it! Get Started today for Free and change your life.

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Six great closing techniques


Selling is not for everybody. Some salespeople just seem to have golden tongues. They seem to be able to wipe away objections and change doubting clients into eager buyers with a few sentences. Others have to fight their way through every sale.

The difference between excellent and average in salesmanship is often the ability to close a sale. Through the years salespeople have developed some very distinctive methods of closing the deal.

Some of these methods rely on planting the seed into the mind of the client that the sale is a foregone conclusion.

The Assumptive Close is one of these techniques. The salesman does not wait for a yes or no from the client. He or she can end a presentation by saying something such as “just give me your credit card and we are ready to go”.

The so-called Alternative Close is very similar. This is where the salesman states his case and then asks the client whether he or she would like to pay in cash or with a credit card.

These methods can work fine when you are dealing with a client who cannot really say no. Buyers are not all the same however and others need a bit more time and persuasion before they will take out their wallets.

The Balance Sheet Close is a safe option when the client is determined not to be bulldozed into any decision. In this technique the salesperson will list the pros and cons of buying a product. A final reminder of the benefits that the sale may hold is often a persuasive argument.

The Puppy dog Close is a technique with a high success rate although unfortunately it cannot be used for many products. In this technique you actually offer the client the opportunity of working with the product such as test driving a car.

The Possibility of Loss Close is a remarkably successful technique. The client is presented with a situation of what if the price goes up? Or what if the product is sold out by tomorrow? The fear of a possible bargain missed is often strong enough to persuade the client to buy. While all the techniques mentioned have proved to be of great value to salespeople over the years there is one technique that stands out as the undisputed king of closing techniques. That is the Relationship Technique. This takes time and at the beginning there is no selling and no sales talk. Your first aim is to build a positive relationship with the client. People will find some reason to buy from a friend. It is of crucial importance to turn your clients into friends because after the first sale they might just buy from you again.

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