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An awesome solvent that is excellent for cleaning without harsh chemicals


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SLIK is the ultimate waterproof, rust prevention, lubricant, and cleaner out there. We all use lubricants and cleaners to protect a lot of stuff that we own. They help maintain the condition of the items for it to be of service to us for a longer period. SLIK helps protect our investments by prolonging its lifespan and keeping it in pristine condition. A longer service life means that we are also saving money because we don’t have to buy a new one now and then. SLIK has a lot of uses for cleaning grease and oil in the kitchen, rust prevention and removal, waterproofing and preserving metal and wood, and protection and maintenance for on any moving metal parts. One of its best features is that it is 100% all-natural and non-toxic. Most of the products under these categories are very harmful to humans especially for children. Thousands of children are hospitalized each year from poisoning because of these items, but we no longer have to worry if we left SLIK lying around the house because it is 100% safe to humans. SLIK is made up of 3 products, and these are the lubricant, solvent, and CLP.


The SLIK lubricant is great for any metal tools because it prevents rust and unlike other lubricants, it doesn’t easily come off. The lubricant has been tested fully submerged in both fresh and saltwater for two weeks without showing any signs of rust. The lubricant is great anyone who does water activities, and especially for anglers whose expensive reels are subject to water splash and occasional dumping that can cause rust and ultimately destroys it from inside out.


The SLIK solvent is in the form of a gel and does not run off when applied. The solvent is excellent for cleaning the surfaces of any material that is subject to different weather conditions just like the car lights. Car light lessens its brightness when certain materials stick to its surface, and you couldn’t get it off with just a simple car wash.


The SLIK CLP is a combination of both the lubricant and the solvent that is great as an all-around cleaner, lubricant, and preservative to keep any stuff that you want to keep in pristine condition.

SLIK has been tested along with most of the major products that are available in the market and has outperformed each of the leading products by a huge margin. The SLIK creator Jerry Dalzell launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce his product to everyone. All the materials are sourced from multiple small businesses in the US and contributions made will not only support this project but the many small companies that supply the materials. There are multiple levels of reward starting from a $6 contribution for individual persons to bigger ones that will suit the needs of a small business. Once funded, the product will be delivered by April 2015 to the backers and contributors of the project. Please share and contribute to make the SLIK project a reality because this product has proven itself to be a whole lot better than any product that are out there in the market!


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How Video Will Sell Your Home in Colorado Springs


Today we live in a virtual world. It is unbelievable how many billions of views just one site such as receives each day. Take in all the social media sites together and it becomes unfathomable how much time is spent watching videos. When it comes to selling homes in Colorado Springs, making a video for the entire world to see is the key to selling a home faster and at the highest price.

When buyers are looking at property listings on the internet and run across a home with a video, they will spend more time watching that video rather than just a few clicks through a couple pictures. The longer they are engaged with your listing the better. Watching the video becomes more of an experience to the buyer. If the video attracts them to view the home, they will be more emotionally attached before walking through. This experience increases the odds for the seller getting a good offer. In some cases, video has actually sold homes to buyers site unseen.



Now, Will any video work even if it is from a cell phone? The answer is no. If there is a poor video, it may hurt your listing. Here is what we do to make sure that your home will showcase and prompt a quick sale.

1) We are professional videographers. Poor lighting and shaky camera work will make your home look bad. Not every Realtor has the proper video equipment.

2) The video must highlight the best parts of the home. Just an average walk through from the front door to every bedroom isn’t what captures a buyers attention. The best parts of the home that are highlighted will draw the buyers to want to see more. Our goal is to get them in the door.

3) Aerial video puts a different perspective of the neighborhood. There may be parks in the area, great views and open space that cannot be seen from the sidewalk in front of the home. We use Aerial video equipment in  our  Colorado Springs Real Estate marketing. Aerial video really enhances the buyers experience while watching the video.

Our video marketing makes such an impact in selling homes in Colorado Springs that I would like to invite you to do a little experiment to see for yourself. If you would go to and type in the search box, Colorado Springs Real Estate and/or Colorado Springs Realtor you will see the top channel that youtube believes is the most relevant channel in Colorado Springs. Then, scroll down the page to see who dominates the home video market in Colorado Springs. Once you do that, you will know who to call when you need a Realtor to market your home for top dollar.


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Traditional Advertising vs Mobile Marketing: The Facts Speak Loud

Business owners facing the traditional ROI challenge in 2014 can continue the traditional marketing platforms or make the logical switch to 21st century technology via the custom mobile offering from a company called 100 Innovations. “The cost and critical topics such as tracking makes implementing mobile apps THE RIGHT CHOICE for businesses in all types of industries,” said Seabelo Silitshena.

Mobile apps are web-based applications that make it easy to deliver marketing messages to a wide mobile audience who are active with Smartphone devices such as iPhones and Androids. “By implementing a mobile app companies have the ability to engage with consumers by giving them easy access to products and services on their mobile devices,” said Silitshena, “with the technology to broadcast specials as mobile coupons have a 10x better redemption rate than printed coupons.”

100 Innovations creates customized mobile apps with an extensive menu of features and unlimited usage @ a cost running around $5 per day …. which in relation to “traditional” marketing outlets such as newspapers or direct mail becomes a very attractive option:

* Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for a full page advertisement: $15,000
* A full page color advertisement in the Wall Street Journal: $210,000
* Kansas City Star for a 5″ x 3.5″ column advertisement: $500
* Des Moines Register a column inch black / white advertisement: $268 per day
* St. Louis Dispatch for a 20 word classified advertisement / two day run: $295
* Val Pak: $350 mailer to 10,000 homes
* Large non-digital billboard Las Vegas: $20,000 – $60,000 for four weeks

“A reminder goes out to all business owners,” said Silitshena, “as their customers are mobile which leads to the following question: IS YOUR BUSINESS? If no …. contact my office as we can take your operation to the needed mobile platform at a cost that will fit inside ALL budgets.”

Business Model: MOBILE APPS

Ideas for Advocate Engagement

So, you’ve found some awesome Advocates and recruited them over to your team. That’s fantastic, unless you’re still scratching your head about what next to do with them . Well never fear, HireInfluence is here to put an end to that head scratching faster than a bottle of lice killer! Use the below tips as a creative springboard to help you solidify a killer Brand Advocate campaign.

● #Hashtags can be a great asset for building buzz on twitter. Hashtags are a succinct way to tie the conversations of many people into one stream, which you can easily track using the Twitter search bar or any of the social media platforms (ie. TweetDeck, Hootsuite, etc.) The most effective hashtags are: 1)brief, so as to not take up too many of those precious 140 characters, 2)keywords for your brand or industry, 3)memorable and catchy, and 4)not already in wide circulation. Once you’ve come up with a few hashtag possibilites, search for them on twitter and avoid using one that already has a lot of chatter, unless of course that chatter directly relates to your brand. Make sure to share your selected #hashtag with your advocates.

● Cross-blog conversations are a good way to get your advocates and their communities interacting with one another all in the name of your brand. To start a cross-blog conversation, compile a list of several thought-provoking, brand-related questions to present your advocates. Ask your advocates to answer one of the questions on their blog, then visit the other advocates’ blogs to answer their questions. Encourage them to link to one another in their blog posts as well so that their readers can continue being part of the conversation.

● Hold a real-time chat session via Twitter, Facebook or Google Hangout. Come up with a fun and engaging topic for a conversation, pick a date and time, and invite your advocates to act as “panelists” during your live chat. Click on the link for a great overview of Twitter Chat Best Practices.

● Offer a giveaway for your advocates’ audiences. Giveaway contests are inherently social, and they can be a great way to build additional buzz and exposure. If the brand, service, or product that you are promoting does not lend itself to a giveaway, Amazon gift cards are a great option. Consider asking your advocates to include entry rules with their giveaway post, such as following your social media accounts, visiting your website, or something similar.

● Ask your Brand Advocates to participate in a retweeting campaign by retweeting a set number of your brand’s tweets each day.

If reading all of that sounds overwhelming, we can help! Check out our Influencer Marketing Services or set up an AdvoWire campaign and start painlessly engaging Advocates through our automated platform.

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This kid will blow your mind!

This kid will blow your mind!

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CN_Gaming_Glasses_07 (1)
Cameron Nino is a 6th grader with unusual skills and talents for his age. With guitar playing skills comparable to that of seasoned guitar legends like Tony Iommi, and an incredible stage presence, Cameron Nino is many years beyond his age when it comes to performing music. Cameron also produces his own Youtube videos using sophisticated tools like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects, as well as less sophisticated tools like Action and Camtasia Studio. In 2011, at the tender age of 8 years, Cameron started learning how to play the guitar. The same year, he wrote his first song – Back In The Day. In the summer of 2013, Cameron performed an acoustic version of his song to the hook of Crazy Frog. Working with a team of musicians, Cameron later in October of 2013 performed the song live on stage at the 60th annual International Food Festival and Carnival. Not only is this young rocker a shredder, he is also a lead singer for his band – The Epic Gamers. With his band, Cameron Nino has performed on several stages. We got the chance to interview this young, talented, and quite busy musician – we had a lot of fun and we are rooting for Cameron Nino – the kid has talent!

Entertwine: Cameron, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions about who you are and what you do! Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Cameron: I was born November 25, 2003. I am an entertainer – I play the guitar, am learning how to play the drums and piano, love to sing and tell jokes. Mostly, I play rock guitar like Tony Iommi, The Edge and Randy Rhoads. But I also play some blues guitar, like BB King.

What inspired you to begin playing guitar and writing songs in the first place?

My mom took me to a recital when I was about 6yo, where I saw a kid playing piano and I wanted to be able to play an instrument also. So, when my mother asked me what instrument I wanted to play, I chose the guitar. At first, I was going to get an acoustic guitar, but my guitar teacher at the time told me he wanted me to play at a Rock Show (recital) and that I should get the electric guitar instead. So, my mom bought me the Fender Stratocaster starter kit. I nicknamed that guiter “The Wolf”. We later on that year got an acoustic guitar. Just recently, my mom got me my Ibanez electric guitar.

Song writing is something I have always been interested in, since I was in 3rd grade and we learned about poetic expressions. My mom suggested I write about my experiences, feelings and things that I care about. So, I wrote. Yeah, that’s how that all started. The more I wrote, the more I wanted to write. But sometimes, there is nothing to write about. So, I don’t. You know, it is something that I do when I am moved by an experience or event.

Could you tell us about your band (The Epic Gamers)?

My band members are – Riley 22 year old guitar player, Ezra 20 year old bass player and Ed also 22 year old, on drums. Riley is also one of my guitar teachers. I like working with them because they challenge me to be better. I have to up my game when I am playing with them. I chose the name The Epic Gamers because I love to play video and online games. On Youtube, my gaming handle is TheEpicGamer567. So, it was natural to name my band The Epic Gamers. We sometimes have guest appearances from players of other instruments like violins and clarinets.

Could you tell us about some of your most exciting live performances to date?

My most exciting performance was on October 18, 2013 when I played at the 60th anniversary of the Church of the Blessed Sacrament Carnival & Food Festival. It was my first appearance on a large stage. I used to wear dreadlocks at the time. My mom’s colleague – Patrick Kilpatrick, a famous actor introduced me at that show. It was very exciting for me.

Who are your biggest musical influences? Why do these particular people inspire you?

That is a very difficult question to answer. I am still experimenting, and I have not quite started defining my own style yet. So far, I have been exposed to people like Jerry Jammott, Sean Kingston, Ozzy Osbourne, Kanye West, Jay Z and T.I. I think they love their music, and I like that. My musical taste is still evolving. I like rock music. I like the blend of Rock and Rap (hip hop). So, I am working towards that goal. It’s a journey. A journey I just started and so I cannot identify who will influence my ultimate musical personality. That is a story that the history books and biographers will have to write about.

What are some of your hobbies outside of music?

My fav hobbies are Gaming, Comedy, Acting, Basketball, and Video Editing.

Do you have any upcoming performances booked for early 2015?

Not known yet. Still finishing off 2014.

Author: Jacqueline Cassell

Great new blog

Hey guys! Check out this new great blog This is one of her recent posts!



Just when you think

the rain will let up

the storm sets in.

You remember something more

another night another horror.


When someone asks “are you ok”,

they aren’t expecting you

to tell the truth.

One day your going to be

fed up with the line

“I’m fine”.


Silently drowning,

lost in the darkness of mind.

What is light

without some way to make it shine.


You may not see my scars

but they lie deep beneath

across my soul and hidden within.

You see what I choose to show

and my smile, my laugh

fools you all.

CA Times Publishing

CA Times Publishing is a great alternative for getting your book published and branded with other authors who have quality writing and significant sales. The company’s philosophy is to focus on authors who have talent, but just don’t know how to market their books to achieve substantial results.

CA Times Publishing has taken several authors to the top 100 in their categories on Amazon. Some of the top selling authors have things like video trailers, paperback print on demand distribution, professional editing, formatting and design.

CA Times reaches readers with an aggressive advertising campaign that is pooled together with many authors. This way, the author doesn’t go in alone. When the potential reader lands on a book in the group, they may select from a pool of authors under the CA Times Publishing brand. All in all, it’s a great way to get exposure for your book, without having to do any work.

Royalties are distributed to the authors monthly. What’s different about CA Times is that their primary focus is to sell the book, not prepare it. They have signed many authors for free, but for books that are not complete, they do offer a makeover and do offer services if the author chooses to go that route. They also accept do-it-your-selfers who may know other pros who can edit and design a great story to bring it to market.  Either way, it’s a great solution for so many authors that have a great story, but just don’t know the ins and outs to get it sold.

Astrosy: A Brief Introduction


Astrosy: A Brief Introduction

Human Behavior

Human behavior like any other group of similar phenomena can be studied in different ways. In today’s world, advanced marketing uses computer technology which furtively follows our smartphones from aisle to aisle in the grocery to itemize preferences and then ads and coupons are directly targeted at us when we hop online. This requires enormous databases of various inputs that characterize our purchasing behavior. This is known as “data mining” (more below) and from this intensive calculation, inferences that characterize each individual’s pattern of consumption can be roughly made by linear regression analyses.

Now consider the way this was typically done up to the present day.

Our studies of psychology, advanced psychology and even medical psychiatry and neurology were never meant to be classified using keywords or fields of data since those familiar disciplines are learned and practiced differently from one person to the next, often by case study. Moreover, these studies typically carry over into the way a person is able, and more often, unable to interact with society in perhaps the best ways. These are known as maladaptive behaviors and by way of interpolation are where our definitions of what “normal” come from.

Essentially several generalizations are required.  It’s easy to “define” or create behavioral archetypes even stereotypes, yet those are still the types of statements researchers today use to inaugurate almost any discussion or research program that would deal with something un about what we do and why we do it.

Notice the observations and definitions in the massive data storage we record with smart gadgetry and that such a system is on the opposite end of the spectrum from more “old-fashioned” methods–overtly complex and confusing, fields and sub-fields that develop. These do have some use. Upon reflection these traits have barely any interconnection at all with our real lives.

Current studies are based upon actions and intentions. In short, it means we are researching the patterns of action, inaction and reaction from our day-to-day existence though not in any consistent and useful long term manner unto ourselves but rather to sellers in the marketplace.

How often do we ask, “Now why on earth did I do that, again?” And we don’t mean buying a certain kind of candy bar. Bouncing around as bits of matter as if at random we can predict purchasing preferences and other banalities like A versus B  gets more mouse clicks. But we have no firm grasp on the underlying idea. It is insufficient to base important decisions in our lives and resort to vague terms like temperament or genetics or advertising, as towhy we do the things we actually do and how that pattern continues throughout a lifetime.

Invariably that kind of research of the past boils down to the way people act and react to each other and whether those interactions are socially appropriate or not. We’ve never before however, implemented aspects of pattern recognition (in the computational sense) into either of these methods, and we have never explored these patterns by calculation to give any practical output other than preferences for one brand over another. There are few heuristics involved. This is an incomplete approach.

Calculating almost anything these days is trivial. We have all the technology we need at our disposal, we just need scientific principles and research to solidify their significance. Where did we go wrong with human behavior to the extent that we can safely assume or pretend to understand it? What did we miss, and how can we reassess what we know about human activity?

Our classifications are limited to bits and pieces of data–really fragments of knowledge that are incomplete. You may be thinking that’s the best that can be done. Somehow we remain unable to interpret motivations; we do not adequately define human phenomena, and we haven’t been capable of conducting pure research to make precise predictionsThe usefulness of science lies in its predictive value.

Where This Discussion Is Headed

When it comes to interpersonal relationships, psychology has so-called Personality Disorders in which you can define people by vague categories…usually by abnormal or aberrant behavior. We have inherent prejudices in these matters and are easily deceived or distracted by such information. I will offer a simple example.

Several different systems are used in the study of  psychology and people are classified into types. There are at least 4 to 16 different types of personalities on this planet of billions of individuals. So what we actually do is divide humans into just 16 “zones.” The more often one engages in those behaviors, the more characterized one becomes. That was and is the limit of our knowledge for now.

What ever happened to “we are all different and unique”?

Thinking critically, we all differ in that we each think differently and have different minds. However, through these processes, we don’t act exactly the same at different times or in different situations. The actions are known; and we can define and categorize almost all of them because they are observable and easily described.

Some basic examples: He turned the light on. She felt good about herself. He is going to shop for something. She is going to workout. He is going to call her. She is going to launch a new project. She went to the cafe to order her favorite drink, and so forth. Simplistic yet deeply complex, even if we neglect the ethics behind these particular behaviors (another matter).

Those are not actions of the kind that should be used in research of human behavior, whether or not it interferes with “social and occupational functioning for a period of 6 months or longer” as psychologists frame maladaptive behavior. Few have considered trying to gather any statistical data beyond epidemiological studies (counting the prevalence of something) because of the overwhelming complexity of living matter. We are not just the organic chemicals that we are composed of. It turns out we are quite predictable.

Additional notes on the current status and limitations of research into human behavior:

– We rarely implement time…only stages of life (infancy, childhood, the teens, young adulthood, middle age, etc).
– We implement only select extrinsic factors (stressors, relationships, incidents…) but not all of them.
– We are not using the classification entries that we should actually use.
– We do not connect these data in a logical way.
– Our statistics have too few parameters and the limitation still depends on definitions of behavior.

The point is we cannot actually connect such data since before that can take place, we set out first to try to explain and understand, rather than simply to record and connect them. This is contrary to the way statistics and science is done.

We want to give definition and make distinctions among 7 Billion people and cluster each type, without using mass recognition technology because we assume human behavior is too complicated or complex.

In Truth, We Are Not That Complex.

Over the preceding century we’ve come to understand how powerful and precise statistics is at both the quantum and macroscopic levels. We now have tremendous computational ability. Why not conduct research in ways we understand from other scientific disciplines? Namely, using statistics and advanced mathematics to move the study of human behavior a bit closer to physical science.

Machine Learning, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence

Google, Facebook and other large social networks, even the medical establishment, use advanced computing systems to sort people as points of data. And the sorting part of it has more fields than you can possibly imagine.

The aspect of Time is crucial. For example this person is 42 years old, this person “liked” a particular type of event 7 times on 12.02.2014 15:36 PM GMT +1.
Location is also crucial: He activated his GPS and traveled from New York to New Jersey. He is sunning himself on the Mediterranean in Greece. Behavior depends not only on what we do but also where we are.
Data mining uses more advanced statistical systems than psychology which is around 40% pure statistics at best (measuring internal validity, epidemiology etc.). It is flawed by being free of considerations about time and space.

Recording and Processing is the way data is converted into output by machines and also how it is “understood” by a machine. Statistics, is mathematically principled and is quite similar to machine understanding. To a purely analytical engine, it is all a matter of recording and processing events.

A Bit More About Statistics

The statistics we take part in can be quite interesting and it’s always like data mining in mathematics and can be easily compared to it by analogy. We input fields we want to record and then we process them.

Sometimes we do add time inputs, fields and data clusters. Sometimes there are even more advanced parameters, like financial records or health records which have around 130 different measurable pieces of data.
Again, we can easily define an action in terms of human behaviors. Many philosophers believe that the mind can be reduced to just behavior. This individual killed 2 two others, he is going to kill again with 89% probability. Just as easily, one individual is willing to help someone else because that person helped him 89% of the time and thus reaching his threshold to do so, he will reciprocate in kind.

My point is we have the statistical tools necessary to implement all we need, but we have not thought of an intelligible way to calculate it. Since there is a crucial function of time, we are hopelessly confused in defining human action in time and it is reasonable only for reasons mentioned above. We simply lacked the means.

Statistics on the other hand and computation in general, shouldn’t necessarily be defined by humans. We know how limited such endeavors are. Psychology has come a long way. But fields of so many things actually can be connected and defined by a greater and unified process referred to as data mining can give us a more accurate picture of who we are.

Data Mining and Calculation

Data mining (the analysis step of the “Knowledge Discovery in Databases” process or KDD), an interdisciplinary sub-field of computer science, is the computational process of discovering patterns in large data sets involving methods at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, and database systems. The overall goal of the data mining process is to extract information from a data set and transform it into an understandable structure for further use elsewhere. Aside from the raw analysis step, it involves database and data management aspects, data pre-processing, model and inference considerations, level-of-interest metrics, complexity considerations, post-processing of discovered structures, visualization, and online updating.

The answer boils down to mathematical formulae which can compute large quantities of statistical data by applying general logic from computers. The machine then gains understanding or learns.

This type of system actually can sort data into clusters and fields tantamount to a machine’s discovery of its own logic and to sort inputs (tremendous numbers of different aspects) into different fields. The resulting computational output if it were accurate would be absolutely useful. Can you imagine?

Closing Remarks

Our psychology undoubtedly develops in and around time and space. By researching social behaviors using computation, one can separate and define periods in a human lifespan. We are at the precipice of research based on mood, biometrics and instantaneous detection.  Such computation can be accomplished even with everyday technology like mobile smartphones. It is possible not tomorrow or some day, but now. The future is here and we are attempting to do that. The science of data mining human behavior in the way that is what we predict to be most accurate is “Astrosy Celestatistics.”

We are a community of scholars doing science in the pursuit of unifying multiple disciplines to predict the future with clear and concise evidencewhether it is in business, relationships or any other realm to improve the quality of all our lives. Join us in the forum and feel free to add your thoughts.