What it’s like to drive for Uber

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What is Uber

If you have never heard of Uber, it is an extremely intuitive app that will undoubtedly change life as we know it. It’s what a taxi should be in 2015. You simply download the app, enter your payment info(even accepts paypal), and the app automaticly recognizes your location using the GPS technology in your phone and uses it to send a driver to your location. You are able to input your destination upon requesting your ride, so when the driver pulls up, he already knows where to take you. On top of that drivers are always all around in most areas, it generally takes about 7 minutes for your driver to show up so be prepared. This is insanely useful for nights out on the town, or rides to and from the Airport. If you have not used uber here is a Promo Code to get your first ride free up to $20. Taking Uber is the most responsible way to go out drinking, but today Im going to share what it’s like to drive for Uber.

Why I decided to drive for Uber

Theres 3 things that you should know about me. I hate thinking “inside the box”, I hate being confined to a schedule, and that I’ll try anything once. That being said when a friend of mine bragged about how he was making a killing with Uber, I thought to myself, I wonder how can I drive for uber?  And if I can make decent money doing it. That being said, I knew that it was something I wanted to look into. I immediately went home logged on to the Uber website to see what the requirements were. Because Im quite impulsive, I signed up for Uber on the spot. I was ready to try it, however my adrenaline rush was soon cut short as I realized this was going to be a process, starting with a background check. I quickly entered my personal info, there was a section that required me to take pictures of my drivers license and insurance info, I quickly submitted all of the required docs to get on the road. I tied up all the loose ends on the website and now All I had to do was wait…so I waited….and waited…and waited for about 2 weeks, until one day while I was shopping in the mall, and happened to glance at my iPhone. Opening my mail app revealed I had an email from Uber support with the subject approved, I was ready to drive. I quickly followed the links in the email to download the Uber drivers app, as it’s not available in the app store, and after 1 minute the app was on my phone, I decided to drive home before I tried it out, as I was currently on a tight schedule.

My first ride as an Uber Driver

Fast Forward to about 7 p.m. not really knowing what to expect, I opened the app and saw the Go Online button, I was feeling mixed emotions, somewhere between being extremely nervous, and excited. I decided to go outside and clean my car and get it prepared for the first ride, I made sure to take my iPhone with me to make sure that I didn’t miss anything. Around 7:04 p.m. I heard a series of short beeps coming from my pocket. I grabbed my phone and saw a stick figure with a circle quickly disappearing, on a timer. I immediately clicked it and my phone displayed the location of my first pick up. He was about 4 minutes from my house. As I left, I wondered how to contact him to let him know I was there. Since I didn’t want to be late, I left without hesitation and arrived promptly at the riders home. Another glance at my phone revealed that the app notified the customers of my arrival when I got a few feet away from the destination. After about 2 minutes, a tall man in his mid 40s opened the door and started walking towards the car, I unlocked the doors and let him in,  he sat down in the front seat.  I greeted the uber rider, who’s name was Dan and clicked the start ride button on my phone, and directions to his destination were displayed on the phone. I know the area he’s going to, so I proceed to the route. After a while he ask me, how long Ive been driving. “Your literally  my first ride” I replied. There was an akward laugh, and some following small talk, but nothing out of the ordinary. We arrived at the destination, Dan gave me a $5 tip, and hopped out and assured me he would give me a 5 star rating. I clicked the end ride button, and was asked to rate the driver, I gave him a 5 star rating because he was a nice enough guy. Then my fare was displayed $9.32. So this was  what it’s like to drive for Uber I thought! I headed back to my home, 2 minutes into my journey I received a second call. It was in route to wear I was going anyway. After 2 minutes I pulled up at the new location, and waited. After 10 minutes no one came out at all. The Uber app said the rider had been notified. I decided to email Uber since they did not have a contact number, I was quickly emailed back and told if a rider doesn’t show within 5 minutes I could cancel the ride and would be given a $4 No show fee. It worked, and within 3 minutes I had another call. Uber was definitely profitable. I took about 3 more rides before calling it a night.

How much I made driving for Uber

Over the next few days I learned a lot. I got comfortable talking with the riders, and learning tips and tricks, to maximize my profits with Uber. Especially when the weekend came. Friday night my first ride was taken to the area of town where all the clubs and bars are. After dropping off that rider, at  crowded bar, in the Soho area of Tampa. I got another call within seconds of his drop off. This appeared to be the theme of the night. Every time I dropped someone off I had a new ride request immediately. I decided to work until 2am. As I drove home drowsy from my night of running all around Tampa’s party scene, I checked my earning to discover I had earned $127. My first week I drove every night for about 4 hours. And about 5 hours every day of the weekend. When monday rolled around I was sent an earnings report from Uber. After 50.3 Hours online out of which I had only spent 25 legitimate hours driving, I had earned $593.47, Not bad for a week! I ended up with just shy of $2400 for the mont

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What it’s like to drive for Uber

The next few weeks were similar, and I know what you really want to know is how much did I earn with Uber, after all thats why your reading this, well I was earning close to $2400 on average driving for Uber, and got my self on a schedule. I knew the hot spots to be at to receive the most calls, I knew that nights were more profitable than days, and I knew how to build a rapore with the customers. The number one thing people always ask me as an Uber driver is whats the weirdest experience Ive had. At this point I have so many stories it’s crazy, I’ve had a guy fall asleep in the car and wouldn’t get up, Ive had a woman hop in my car half naked, Ive had a couple make out in the back seat, and on Halloween I had a man dressed in speedos and a batman cape hope in my car. All in all it’s been safe, fun, and a memorable experience. One time I had a young lady in my car who partied to hard at the bar and threw up on the side of my car, while this was extremely gross, Uber was extremely responsive and issued me $50 the next morning to get my car wash, which only cost me $20. In reality it’s like I profited $30 to get my car thrown up on…Ill take that.

Below is a copy of Ubers driver requirements

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Part 2 of The Uber Experiment coming soon…

I will keep you updated on my uber experiences as they unfold, in part 2 of this blog. If you would like to become an Uber driver, you can sign up to drive for uber here. If you sign up through this link Uber will give you $50 just for signing up and taking your first ride, so you can find out for yourself what it’s like to drive for uber. I highly recommend it as a way to build up your savings for bigger and better investments, if you are looking to make money and your at ground 0, this is a great way to start.




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