Petiner Advanced Electronic No Bark Control Dog Collars

This is an effective way for me to train my dog and let him know what appropriate barking is for our home….

  • Petiner Bark collar sends harmless static shock to the dog whenever it barks
  • Adjustable nylon collar senses vibration in dog’s throat during barking
  • repeat through 7 correction levels, the intensity gradually increases until the dog stops for thirty seconds. If the continuous stimulus reaches the 7 levels, then the Collar will stop working for 1 minutes to protect the dog
  • Lightweight receiver, Unique bark terminator, Replaceable 6-volt Battery, Effective on 15-120pounds dog

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Scentsy Warmers

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Scentsy Warmers are decorative wax holders designed to melt scented wax without traditional wick and flame.  The Scentsy Warmer releases a fragrance that brings powerful emotions and memories to the surface, without the risks of a burning candle.  Our wickless Scentsy warmers are as diverse as our fragrances.  Whether your tastes are traditional, contemporary, or eclectic, you are sure to find at least one beautiful warmer to compliment your decor!

Scentsy Warmers come with no risk shopping with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer’s defects of any of our warmer products.

Please enjoy finding out more about our Scentsy Warmers below.

To view our complete line of Scentsy Warmer products, please visit our Scentsy Products page or contact us by phone: Esther @  (970) 580-4334

How do Scentsy Warmers work?

Scentsy Warmers use a low-watt bulb to slowly melt specially formulated wax that enjoys no flame, smoke, or soot.  The Scentsy wickless candle system is a safe way to enjoy more than 80 Scentsy fragrances.  To change wax in yourScentsy warmer, you simply pour the completely melted wax into its original packaging, then clean the warmer dish with a paper towel.  If the wax is still fragrant and you wish to reuse it, store the used bar in a cool place.  Discard the wax if the fragrance is depleted.

Different Sized Scentsy Warmers

FulScentsy Warmersl Size Scentsy Warmers make a statement in any room.  Express your individuality or enhance your decor. The full siz Scentsy warmer is approximately 4.5 inches wide and 6 inches tall and uses a 25 watt bulb.  Our categories of full size Scentsy warmers includes the following collections: Patriot, Art Deco, Cascade, Classic, Imperial, Island, Miracle, Renaissance, Sports, Do It Yourself, Charitable Cause Warmer, College Campus warmers, and many individual Scentsy warmers.

Mid Size Scentsy Warmers are modestly sized and perfect for offices and more compactScentsy Warmers spaces.  The mid size Scentsy warmer is approximately 4 inches wide and 5 inches tall and uses a 20 watt bulb.  Our categories of mid size Scentsy warmers includes the following collections: Nautical, Nursery, Smooth Stone, Wrap, and several individual Scentsy warmers.

Scentsy WarmersPlug In Scentsy Warmers are great for small rooms with limited counter space and for rooms needing a gentle night light.  The plug in Scentsy warmer is approximately 3 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall, without the plug, and uses a 15 watt bulb.  Our categories of plug in Scentsy warmers includes the following collections: Black and White, Botanical, Groovy, and several individual Scentsy warmers.

Scentsy warmers come with a couple of high-lights in our new spring and summer catalog.  The first being our line of warmers with a reactive glaze finish.  Scentsy warmers with this finish are one of a kind, created with a reactive glaze process (glaze is applied to the warmer and “reacts” to heat in the kiln).  The result is a very unique, hand crafted look.  Every Scentsy warmer is also unique and color may vary from photos shown online or in a catalog.

Another addition to our Scentsy Warmer process is the all new Grab Tab.  Use the new grab tab to easily change the wax in a plug in Scentsy warmer.  Grab tabs make it possible to change the wax in your plug in warmer without removing it from the wall.

As you review our Scentsy Warmers, we hope you will take a moment to review our Charitable Cause Warmer – Piece by Piece.  Scentsy will donate 100 percent of the net proceeds from the sale of this warmer directly to Autism Speaks.  Since 2005, Autism speaks has been funding global research, spreading awareness, and providing hope to families whose children receive this complex diagnosis.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Esther @ (970) 580-4334

Let us know if you would like suggestions for picking out one of our perfect Scentsy Warmers!

How Carpet Cleaning Can Increase Your Health and Maintain Your Carpet For The Long Run

Ok…. I’m going to be real for a minute. I deal with allergies… lots of allergies.. and allergies are like a bucket, when it gets too full (meaning when you have too many allergic reactions) it overflows and you get symptoms. I used to have a chronic sinus infection, so it’s super important for me to make sure my house is completely clean, so that there is no dust or mold anywhere. I recently had my carpets, and my bedding steam cleaned…. I even had them do my pillows… and the difference is amazing. I highly recommend Wandsworth carpet and steam cleaning for any job you need done. Weather you deal with allergies or you just want to make sure that your carpet and belongings stay in top shape for years to come, having them steam cleaned can really make a huge difference. It changed my life… and it can make a world of difference in your home!


P.S. Here are the details of what they offer – be sure to check out: for more details.

Wandsworth Carpet CleaningSW18

SW18 carpet cleaning  Wandsworth
Moreover, our office and domestic cleaners are all fully supervised when it comes to our large office and home cleaning jobs in TW9, Clapham and SW4. Although our London cleaners are the best in the business, we focus on exceeding all of our clients expectations and therefore check that all your cleaning requests, Old Malden, TW13, Vauxhall as well as SW1W, have been completed correctly prior to leaving the cleaning appointment. Regardless, of how long a list of cleaning chores we have to do, we will further make sure that they are all completed within the pre arranged timeframe.

Best Carpet & Upholstery in and around New York City

Healthy Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
ChemDry of NYC
Best Carpet & Upholstery in and around New York City


Health benefits of Carpet Cleaning

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Healthy Home Healthy BabyWhen the time comes to clean your carpet or upholstery in New York City, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk Counties you want to choose a cleaning service that will do a deep cleaning that is thorough, safe, and also environmentally friendly. Not all carpet and upholstery cleaners do the job the same way, so you should do some research to find out what method the cleaning service uses. Most cleaning companies use the steam cleaning method, but Chem-Dry of NYC uses a far superior method known as Hot Carbonation Extraction. This method of carpet cleaning is faster, dries more rapidly, and results in carpet that is cleaner and stays cleaner for a longer time than the competing method of carpet cleaning, steam cleaning. It also uses solutions (Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)) that are derived from Mother Nature herself, so you are keeping green while getting your carpet clean.


Why Hot Carbonation Extraction?

Chem-Dry vs SteamWith the Hot Carbonation Extraction method, we employ hot carbonated water to explode dirt particles out of your carpet or upholstery. The millions of microscopic, effervescent bubbles allow us to use a fraction of the water needed for steam cleaning, and none of the harsh chemicals or detergents. This is because we aim for Green Cleaning, using only green-certified solutions to clean your carpet or upholstery.


With traditional steam cleaning, an excess amount of water is used, along with potentially harmful chemicals and detergents. The carpet stays wet for one or two days afterwards and some of those chemicals remain left behind in your carpet. These residues allow dirt to “cling” to your carpet, meaning your carpet gets dirty faster. On top of that, the moisture left behind can allow mildew and mold to set into your carpet. Why would you want to leave those chemicals and chances for mildew and mold behind for your beloved family, including children and pets, to come into contact with?


The other problem with steam cleaning is the effect steam can have on natural fibers. The water used for hot carbonated extraction is below the boiling point, and boiling water can cause natural fibers to shrink and stains to set in. If you have stains in your carpet, that’s right. Steam cleaning can actually cause the stain to set into the carpet so it can never be removed. It is for this reason that most carpet manufacturers recommend against steam cleaning, recommending instead that carpet be cleaned with a hot water extraction or hot carbonation extraction method.


With Chem-Dry of NYC’s (HCE) Hot Carbonation Extraction, much less water is used and the cleaning solution used is rinsed completely out of the carpet or upholstery, then the carbonated water is vacuumed completely out. You can rest assured that your carpet and upholstery will be professionally cleaned, and will dry quickly without any chemicals remaining to harm your loved ones. Your carpet is cleaner longer, and you are helping to maintain the environment by avoiding toxic chemicals and detergents.


What Are the Health Benefits?

With all the conflicting claims about how to best clean your carpet or upholstery, people often wonder why bother, other than for appearance. What are the health benefits of clean carpet, people often wonder. These benefits are numerous, from getting rid of dander left behind by your cats and dogs to eliminating musty odors caused by spills. This also reduces the amount of mold spores developing in your carpet from those spills.

Microscopic Mold SporesCleaning your carpet removes pollutants and mold spores that can cause respiratory problems, and minimizes the presence of dust mites. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, dirty carpet can harbor things like pet dander, particle pollution, cockroach allergens, and lead, along with everyday dirt and dust. On top of that, toxic gases can adhere to those particles and get trapped within your carpet to be released when you vacuum and walk across the carpet. Your carpet gets sanitized of these threats when we clean your carpet.

Dust MiteFinally, cleaning your carpet rids your home of the dust mite infestations that so many homes are facing. These microscopic organisms won’t harm you directly, but they leave behind feces and other waste products that can aggravate allergies or cause other respiratory problems. The hot water extraction method pulls all of those dust mites out of the carpet, and the hot water kills them to prevent future infestations.


asthma-childThe benefits of this can range from having less allergy problems to reduced symptoms of asthma. Reducing your exposure to the mold and mildew spores that can hide in your carpet also helps prevent further mold infestations and mold illnesses. Clean carpet also looks better, but even more important than that is the health improvement people see when they keep their carpet clean.


The same benefits are earned by upholstery cleaning. The same dust mites, pollutants, and mold spores that build up in your carpet can also develop within your upholstery, so regular upholstery cleaning is just as important to your health as carpet cleaning is. You not only maintain the beauty of your furniture by regularly cleaning it, you also contribute to better health for you and your family.



img_greenEarthWith this knowledge in hand, it is clear that cleaning your carpet and upholstery is not only good for the appearance of your home, but also the health of everyone in it. You should also have realized by now that Hot Carbonated Extraction is the best method to use for carpet and upholstery cleaning, since it removes more of the dirt and leaves behind less water and chemicals that can harm you or your family and cause your carpet to get dirty faster.

Chem-Dry of NYC is ready to help your health by assuring your carpet or upholstery is professionally cleaned in a way that is green-friendly and will stay clean longer than the competing method of steam cleaning. Our method is environmentally friendlier, too, so you can maximize the health benefits of clean carpet while still being green-friendly.

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