Miley and Beyoncé Advance Women’s Power

Beyoncé, in an interview with GQ, said, “Let’s face it, money gives men the power to run the show. It gives men the power to define value. They define what is sexy. And men define what’s feminine. It’s ridiculous.” She and Miley are changing that dynamic.

Are you offended by Miley’s skimpy outfits, outlandish sexual gestures, or her suggestive tongue action? Good! Because every time she offends, she strikes a blow for a woman’s right to offend. Miley knows that her success and power lie in being the most controversial, sexual siren she can be. Every time she’s pilloried by the media, she is advancing a woman’s right to express her sexuality in the most provocative way, and there’s not a damn thing any politician or preacher can do about it. Plenty are appalled, but her sales are up, up, up. Her album, Bangerz, sold a million copies as of May, 2014. In contrast, her 2010 album Can’t Be Tamed sold only 350,000 copies.

Beyoncé, that beautiful woman who exudes raw sexuality while bowling us over with her tremendous talent, causes not only conservatives, but some feminists, to cringe. The criticism seems to swirl around the idea that prominently displaying her breasts and shaking her booty diminishes women. If that were all there were to Beyoncé, feminists might have a point. But I contend that Beyoncé’s success should be cheered by feminists. After all, Beyoncé has enjoyed record-breaking career success and has taken control of a multimillion-dollar empire in a male-run industry, while being outspoken about gender bias and the sacrifices women are required to make.

Let’s define feminism once again: “Advocating women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.”

In the Feburary, 2013 issue of GQ, Beyoncé is quoted as saying, “Let’s face it, money gives men the power to run the show. It gives men the power to define value. They define what’s sexy. And men define what’s feminine. It’s ridiculous.”

So how can feminists have a problem with a woman who is looking to level the playing field, and even beat men at their own game, simply because she exhibits sexuality on a grand scale while she’s playing their game?

Miley will never be the intellectual or sophisticated equal of Beyoncé, but she is a genius in her own right. She does brand marketing better than anyone, hands down. At the 2013 VMA awards, she twerked Robin Thick and followed up on that blatantly sexual act by riding a wrecking ball like a well-endowed lover to introduce her song, “Wrecking Ball,” which is on herBangerz album. The upshot of all of that? Despite the media’s attempt to bring her to heel through insults and shaming, Bangerz  sales  soared and the “Wrecking Ball” video won video of the year at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. The more outrageous her behavior, the more albums Miley sells. The more albums she sells, the more money and power she has to run her own show.

Forbes Magazine writer William Arruda had this take on Miley’s performance that night: “She was expressing her sexuality just as she was about to turn twenty-one. She was defying authority and showing her indifference to what the generation above her thought. She seemed to revel in the controversy. In other words, she was showing her fans, also entering their late teen years that she was exactly like them.”

I can only hope that Miley’s and Beyoncé’s generation of teen fans will want to express their own individuality, to shake off constraints constructed by men, to defy any authority that seeks to repress their natural talents or to demean their sexuality.

If the tide is ever going to turn, it has to surge now. If teens-becoming-women are going to claim the right to make decisions about their own bodies, they better assert themselves quickly.

And if bold and smart and hard-working and successful women like Miley and Beyoncé are mentors in that regard, I say, hoorah! With the Christian right and Republican legislators trying to shame women into giving up control of their own bodies and reproductive choices, it is more important than ever that women who command a lot of attention due to their talent and showmanship keep their independent, fiery, sexual selves front and center.

Feminists can be their own worst enemies. I know, because I am one. But I’m also proud of my sexuality and the color it brings to my life. Maybe it isn’t money or power or fame, but it is empowering, nonetheless. When a woman knows the power of her sexuality—as Miley and Beyoncé do—her self-confidence ascends, and takes her to daring heights. Feminists should be applauding Miley and Beyoncé for keeping the griddle hot even as righteous men are trying to douse the fires that make women sizzle.

I say, turn the hose on them, and support women like Miley and Beyoncé, who keep the fires of feminism stoked in their own powerful way.

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Toxins in Sexual Products

Toxins in Sexual Products
Heated Debates, Myths & More

When we first started Holistic Wisdom, Inc. we did so with the intention of selling quality products with an emphasis on education and empowerment regarding holistic health and sexuality.

As our involvement in sexual politics became increasingly active we became concerned that there was no one regulating the safety of sex toys. We began doing more and more research into the topic of potential toxins in sex toys and found an absolute mess in the mainstream media about them.

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Sexuality Expert

CEO & Founder of
Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & NAASAS

Copyright: Holistic Wisdom- Do NOT Copy Warning

Copyright © Holistic Wisdom, Inc.

As you will read it can be very confusing to know what is safe and what is not. Since our opening in June 2000, we have always been focused on health. We were the first company to ban toxic sex toys and lubricants from our site and are the dominant leader in the industry in educating the public about this important issue.

In all of our research, we uncovered web sites and adult stores that were making all types of errors in the information they were providing consumers. Some of them were either not saying anything or were incorrect. We simply want to let you know what we have uncovered and what we have done about it so that you can have peace of mind about your choices when it comes to sexual health products.

Five Examples of Toxins in Sexual Products

Parabens –

Found in many personal lubricants.

Learn more about Parabens in Personal Lubricants

Health Risks:

  • Alters estrogen in women, increasing related diseases such as breast tumors.
  • Heightens allergic reactions like contact dermatitis and rosacea.
  • Decreases sperm cell count in males.
  • Spurs the development of skin cancer.
  • Causes problems to fetal development for pregnant women.
Phthalates –

Learn more about Phthalates in Sex Toys

Found in sexual products such as dildos and vibrators as well as some fragranced products.

Common Myth: that you can tell by the ‘new car’ smell, however, phthalates do not have a scent and cannot be detected by smell.

Health Risks: Endocrine disrupters that have been linked to – diabetes, breast cancer, reduced sperm count, ADHD, liver damage, insulin resistance, metabolic interference (contributing to obesity), asthma and allergies, premature breast development in girls, abnormal genital development in males (small penis, undescended testicles), autism and low birth weight in infants.

Triclosan –

Found in sexual products such as sex toy cleaners, genital hygiene products. Commonly found in many antibacterial and antifungal products.

Health Risks: Endocrine disrupters that have been linked to – allergies, creating bacterial resistance, abnormal thyroid functioning, disrupts normal growth. When combined with chlorine in tap water, it forms chloroform which has been linked to cancer.

2-Butoxyethanol –

Found in sexual products such as dildos and vibrators with latex paints, sex toy cleaners in the form of liquid soaps and cosmetics.

Health Risks: Irritation of mucous membranes of the throat, nose and eyes. Heavy exposure through breathing it, getting it on your skin or eating it can lead to pulmonary edema, metabolic acidosis, hypotension, hemolysis, and coma.

Lead Paint –

Found in sexual products such as glass dildos and vibrators.

Health Risks: Causes damage to the nervous system, stunted growth and delayed development. It can also cause kidney damage.

Not Easy To Determine What Is Toxic

One of the challenges regarding the issue of toxins in sex toys is the desire of the general public to lump a type of toy into a toxic or not toxic category in any situation. For example, many people are now saying that anything that is considered a jelly sex toy is toxic. However, the truth is that not all jelly sex toys are toxic. It depends on what materials were used to create the “jelly” sex toy and how it was constructed. One of the issues is that there is nota set way that jelly sex toys are made or what materials are used to consistently make them. Then, when you throw in brands such as Jel-Lee, it is even more difficult to know what you are dealing with.

Determining how products are made and what is in them is nearly impossible for customers to do, and thus, why we felt we needed to do that work for you. The reason it is impossible for consumers to determine is because the manufacturers of the products do not list all the materials used to make them or the process in which they were made on or in the product packaging.

Therefor, you would have to depend on the adult store you purchase them from to inform you and good luck getting accurate information with most of them. Most likely you will get a response from them that provides little to no information or scare tactics to talk you into extremely expensive sex toys. The truth is there are many choices of safe sex toys that range from low to high in cost.

You can try referring to web sites that have quick lists that most likely will tell you that ALL jelly style sex toys are toxic and full ofphthalates (toxic plasticizers used to soften PVC vinyls) but as mentioned, that would not necessarily be true. Some Jelly style products are not made with phthalates such the Basix style dildos.

Smell Does Not Always Indicate Toxicity

Another issue is the smell factor. Generally, it has been said that you can smell some toxins through what is commonly referred to as that ‘new shower curtain smell. What some experts are claiming is that it is the smell of poisonous chemicals that are off-gassing from the PVC.

However, that does not mean that it is always unsafe if you smell something and it does not mean that all sex toys that smell are toxic. Phthalates for example, do not have a smell, yet are considered toxic.

For example, the material used in the Clone A Willy & Make Your Own Dildo Kits is a polymer that is safe, however, it initially has a smell to it until it is completely dry. It does what is called off-gassing, which is not an indicator of toxicity. However, many may think because it has a smell that it is toxic. In truth, it is the Amine within it ( a type of digestible drug that is used in condoms and the bags that are used today for breast implants) that makes it smell initially until it is done off-gassing.

Make Your Own Sex Toy Kits

Smell Study Debatable

A recent study released by the Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ) on shower curtains received a great deal of media attention, which in turn gave erroneous information about phthalates. It was not shocking that they found phthalates in the shower curtains, as phthalate esters are a key ingredient in soft vinyl (often found in shower curtains). The error was in saying that it is the phthalates that cause the smell when in fact, phthalates are odorless. Even more interesting was that the CHEJ failed to detect phthalates off-gassing from the shower curtains in its lab test. The other issue in this study that was overlooked, is that phthalate exposure levels can vary and shower curtains and reports show that those in the U.S. are well within safe levels, as verified by data from the U.S. Government Centers for Disease Control.

Sex Toys Require Extra Precautions

Of course regarding the matter of sex toys, there is still not much information available in the mainstream media and thus caution should be exercised considering that most sex toys come into contact with some of the most porous parts of our bodies. This would make absorption of toxins quite easy and is why we ensure that products sold on our web sites are all considered within the safe zones that we have outlined through our research.

Lubricants are another issue that many people do not think about, let alone massage oils, creams and other products that are absorbed by the skin. It is why we carry a limited array of lubricants and related products as we are strict about what they can have in them.

For example, when a study was released asserting that Benzocaine (found in most sexual desensitizers) can cause irregular heartbeats and even death we pulled those products from our site and posted articles about it. While the study showed that it mainly involved leaving the creams on the skin for long periods of time or on large portions of their bodies, we felt that due to the fact that the creams are put into highly absorptive parts of the body that we would not carry them unless they had less than 7.5% as seen in the System Jo desensitizer. You will find that most adult stores still carry many of those products with no warnings to consumers about them.

Sex Toy Stores Typically In The Dark

Most people who work for sex toy stores do not know what are in sex toys and are often in the dark about what makes something toxic. Because sex toys are not regulated (they fall under novelties rather than medical devices by FDA classifications) many in the adult industry do not know what sex toys are made of (as the materials are often not listed on or in the packaging). Often the companies that do claim to be knowledgeable are making blanket statements as to whether a type of product is safe or not.

Common Myths

We have seen other web sites stating information that is simply not true based on the scientific research that is available. For example, some are claiming that if a sex toy is not 100% silicone then it is toxic. This is not necessarily true, as it depends on what other ingredients the manufacturer added to the silicone.

A while back a website visitor contacted us to say that our Sue Johanson sex toy line was not 100% medical grade silicone and was therefore it must have phthalates in them, making them toxic. We double checked our research and in actuality, while it is not 100% medical grade silicone, the products are made with other materials that are phthalate free and thus the claims were false. It is easy to see why someone might jump to the conclusion when you read a lot of the hype on other web sites, but it is important to remain focused on factual information rather than fall into the dramatic claims that many are now making. It not only hurts falsely accused companies, but it denies the public of accurate information and products that are perfectly safe for them to use.Research Still Needed

There simply needs to be more long term research to truly make some of the claims people are making about adult products at this point. It is irresponsible to become an extremist in either direction on this topic. As we researched for our own resources, we found that many web sites had inaccurate or misleading information. This was not only frustrating for us as we sorted through months of research, but it was alarming that many of these web sites were making false claims and / or blanket statements about toxins in sex toys in such a manner that an unsuspecting consumer would simply swallow these things as the truth.

What Holistic Wisdom Is Doing About Sex Toy Safety

There are so many questions that customers have about what is safe and what is not so, we have and are continuing to provide research to help with the most up to date information. However, because it can be confusing enough just to pick out a sex toy, we decided to go completely nontoxic as well as green rather than make customers have to go through all of our research just to select a safe product.

Our hope is to raise the bar on this issue of sex toy safety and to provide truthful, responsible information to consumers. We have gone straight to the manufacturers as well as consulted with multiple chemists to find out about every sex toy we carry. We have researched each product to determine what it is constructed of and if it falls under what we know to be safe. We have also decided that until there is more information on some of the questionable materials, we are going to err on the side of caution and refuse to carry products that contain them.

We have pulled all of our questionable products (which could not be verified as safe and nontoxic sex toys) in addition to providing recycling information on the materials in the products we sell. We are also a green company that practices what we preach when it comes to helping the environment and empowering people about their health.

We have done this so that those who visit our stores can feel comfortable knowing that no matter what they purchase, it is safe for them to use. After all, having peace of mind when it comes to sexual health is what we specialize in. Sex should be relaxing, fun, pleasurable and we want to make that as easy as possible for you to enjoy. If you have any questions or feedback about this article, please feel free to contact us as we are happy to hear from our readers.

We have also founded a professional education association that helps raise the bar for everyone that works in the field of sexuality – the National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality- NAASAS specializes in only the best sexual products- nontoxic, ecofriendly and phthalate free. Read why it is important to make sure that everything from personal lubricants, condoms and sex toys need to be nontoxic for your good health and how to tell if your sexual products are safe –




Each year after Valentine’s Day many of my couples and individual clients come in expressing  disappointment. It takes many different forms.

Usually the woman complains about her man not being creative enough, thoughtful or in some ways not making the day special. Some men don’t do much of anything, some don’t do enough. The basic feeling a woman is left with is that she is not important enough, not special enough, taken for granted.

There also seems to be a sense that it is a man’s responsibility to make the day a special celebration of their relationship and typically the woman does nothing. Some of my male clients in relationships expressed a feeling that this is not fair.

In the meantime, all of my single clients, seem to feel terrible on this day, the day reminds them that they are alone and don’t have that special someone, seeing happy couples everywhere, men with flowers and chocolates and restaurants filled with couples dining….

Something is off with this picture.
Irina works to enhance and expand peoples ability to experience deeper connection with themselves and others, connection as key to physical and mental health and well-being.  As a therapist, Irina helps individuals and couples in their desire to close the gap between where they are right now and where they want to be. For more info visit:

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How smoking makes your computer sick

[Photo credit:]

Interested in making your desktop computer sick real quick? No? Well then why are you smoking near your computer? One way to get your computer to stop working at full performance is to smoke cigarettes by your computer. Computers have air vents to allow air to flow through and cool down the engine. The part of the computer that acts as a cooling device is called a heat sink. Tobacco smoke is sticky so when it gets inside the computer, dust clings to it easier and that clogs the fans. Over time this clogging will eventually make the fans stop working.Bryce Whitty, an Australian computer technician and founder of has come across a few bad cases of hardware problems caused by cigarette smoke, dust, and pet hair. These elements eventually find their way into the computers’ fans or heat sinks causing the computer to overheat and die. The photo above shows one such computer that had an untimely death due to these factors.

computer repair specialist “Ow3n” from Rogersville, Tennessee repaired a three-year old Dell computer brought in for repair. The owner smoked two packs of cigarettes every day. He had to blow out the case and clean it with alcohol wipes. He said tobacco smoke leaves a very sticky yellowish residue to which all dust sticks.

Ow3n said “in ideal circumstances, the plastic fan shroud helps cool the processor more efficiently. In a heavy smoker’s home, the shroud funnels incoming smoke to the fans and heat sinks, where it’s tar and nicotine accumulates. Dust is sucked into it and sticks to the tar sticky fan and heat sink and accumulates. At a certain point the fan shroud which was helping to cool the machine actually makes it run much hotter because of the concentrated gunk.”

Share this article with your friends that still smoke, and then let them know they can prevent this simply by switching to a better alternative – Vapor4Life electronic cigarettes. The health of your computer is important, but more importantly you’ll be helping yourself!

This article was originally published on the Vapor4Life e cigarette blog.


Celebrities View Art Film by Marko Stout in Miami

Art Basel is the world’s premier international art show for contemporary works and a winter meeting

place for art collectors and dealers. The warm Miami evening of 12/06/13 brought many celebrities and

art collectors to the Weinstein Art Gallery during the annual Basel festival to meet the popular New York

artist Marko Stout and view his latest work, including a short art film entitled “Thinner Then Ice”. The list

of stars included Kayne West and Kim Kardashian, Elle Macpherson, and singer Marc Anthony. The film’s

star Andrina Nowak was also in attendance.

The Marko Stout exhibition featured “Thinner Then Ice” a diminutive art film by the regarded

multimedia artist Marko Stout. This video project was designed by Marko Stout to create an ambiguous

dream-like, other-worldly atmosphere full of symbolic Jungian archetypes. The film features Andrina

Nowak, a disheartened Greenwich Village waitress and art student. Andrina inquisitorially gazes out on

a rainy street as an eccentric group of city residents walk pass on the adjacent gloomy wet sidewalk.

The odd real- life Fellinian characters include a bizarre street clown, a man walking a goat, an irrational

Romanian, an Elmo Muppet-like suited gentleman and brief cameo appearance by the artist-director

himself (Marko Stout).

Marko made an interesting choice to use the word “then” as opposed to “than” in the title, this was

intentionally done to situate the action in time and not comparison focused. The film is a inexplicably

impressionistic and occupied with highly symbolic content, offering the viewer a bizarre examination of

our reality-show, celebrity obsessed, fifteen-minute fame infatuated culture.

Marko Stout is famed multimedia artist based out of New York City. His works can be viewed at

numerous international exhibitions, galleries of fine art, private collections. Marko Stout solo galleries

are located in NYC, Chicago, SOBE, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Madrid. In 2012 The New York

Times listed the Marko Stout Gallery as one of the top 10 ”must see” galleries in Chelsea. Marko Stout is

a best known for his stimulating narratives of contemporary urban society.

Art Basel provides a platform for galleries, giving them access to an international audience of collectors,

museum directors and curators. The shows attract people with an appreciation of modern and

contemporary art who experience Art Basel as a cultural event.

This year’s celebrities in attandence at the Art Basel show included: Paris Hilton, Russell Simmons, Sean

Combs, Elle Macpherson, Martha Stewart, Marty Taplin, Kayne West and Kim Kardashian, Kevin Spacey,

Tracey Emin, Tommy Hilfiger, Alessandra Ambrosio, Gerard Butler, Adrian Grenier, Cindy Crawford,

Pharrell Williams, Steven Tyler and daughter Liv, Marc Anthony and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Art Basel was founded in 1970 by Basel art dealers Trudi Bruckner, Balz Hilt and Ernst Beyeler. Art Basel

stages art shows for contemporary works annually in Basel, South Beach Miami and Hong Kong. Art

Basel in Miami Beach is an art show in the Americas and the winter meeting place for the international

art world. This year it was estimated that over 75,000 international collectors, artists, dealers, curators,

critics and art enthusiasts, along with 150 museum and institutional groups from across the globe

participated in the show. Next year’s Art Basel Miami Beach show is scheduled to run 12/4/14 thru 12/



Complete show details and attendance information can be found the official Art Basal website

at: Weinstein Art Gallery is a spacious, elegant fine art gallery founded in 1992 and

located in the heart of Miami’s South Beach. The gallery is famous for showcasing a spectacular array of

talented modern and contemporary artists from around the world. We also provide quality and original

art to a discerning base of art collectors. Weinstein Art Gallery, 212-A Collins Avenue, Miami, FL 33139

phone: 305-535-1287.

Principal Marc Buljan by Emi­lie Bourdages


Image of Article on Principal Marc Buljan; Professional Photography-By Emilie Bourdages,

It was really nice chat­ting with Prin­ci­pal Marc Bul­jan and get­ting to know a lit­tle more about IB schools and how they cater to the way are brains tend to oper­ate, focus­ing on stim­u­lat­ing both right and left brain activ­ity. My cousin is a brain sur­geon and his sto­ries about the brain have always been fas­ci­nat­ing to me. It was really inter­est­ing hear Marc’s insight dur­ing our photo shoot together.

If you are inter­ested in learn­ing more about IB schools,  and how they work, or the IB orga­ni­za­tion you can visit the web­site link here and also see a few high­lights in the infor­ma­tion that came directly from the organization’s web­site below:

The Inter­na­tional Bac­calau­re­ate® (IB) does not own, oper­ate or man­age any schools. Instead, we work in part­ner­ship with 3,621 IB World Schools in 145 coun­tries who offer our pro­grammes. These schools:

  • share the mis­sion and com­mit­ment of the IB to qual­ity inter­na­tional education
  • have been autho­rized by the IB to offer one or more of our three programmes
  • play an active and sup­port­ing role in the world­wide com­mu­nity of IB schools
  • share their knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence in the devel­op­ment of the IB programmes
  • are com­mit­ted to the pro­fes­sional devel­op­ment of teachers.