Michael Kodari is the golden child of the stock market.


Michael Kodari is the golden child of the stock market. He’s one of the world’s up and coming money managers and he is recognised internationally by governments – he appears on Sky, CNBC and Channel 7, as the money expert. His success over the past five years has been phenomenal, achieving something not many can claim in the history of investing. He has been compared to the likes of Warren Buffett and he seems to be at a league of his own. If you want to read more about this amazing entrepreneur then click on this link: http://www.starcentralmagazine.com/featured-post/2016/08/20/make-way-for-michael-kodari-the-undisputed-king-of-the-investment-world-down-under/

6 Ways to Save Time Preparing Meals


Finding time for everything you want to do is usually difficult and can be a real headache when you try to fit everything in the order. This cause stress and may leads to serious condition or disorders.

One of the most important parts of everyone’s day is eating. Eating out indeed saves your time from preparing food and cooking yourself. There are many people who eat at fast food places or restaurants, but this does not necessary means it is all healthy and can be costly in long-term.

Why not try to eat healthy and get to save some cash in return?

Luckily, there are some ways you can save time when preparing meals. With proper planning, you could actually spend as little time as possible in the kitchen and yet able to prepare healthy delicious meals.

Find out 6 tips on food preparation on to Save Time Preparing Meals


  1. Planning Your Meals Beforehand Can Be a Good Way to Save Time

One of the best and simplest ways to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen is to plan your meals beforehand. You could do that by sticking a note on your fridge as a calendar of sorts or having a document on your computer or phone with every meal you plan to have that week or month. Certain places like iOS Store or Google App Store offer applications that can be used as your planner. They also sometimes have features like calorie count, which can ensure that you are being conscious of your macronutrient and calories intake such as ‘Fitness Pal’ apps.

After you have made a plan of meals have a shopping list prepared. By doing so you will be able to save some money and be able to resist buying junk food on impulse. This will not only be a great way to have a healthier life, but also something which will save you time as you only have to purchase groceries once. A good plan will save you time and money.


  1. Prepare your vegetables all at once


Vegetables are one of the most fundamental parts of any meal. Whether you are the healthy life fanatic and eat nothing but salad or use vegetables as snacks or side dishes, it is no doubt that you spend some time in the kitchen preparing them. Once you are able to find one day per week which is not filled with various task use it to prepare all the vegetables you are going to use.

The process is not difficult once you are in the rhythm and chopping or cutting can be a rather enjoyable activity. If it is really hard to prepared cut fresh vegetables ahead of time, the next best alternative would be frozen vegetables. You can easily find frozen broccoli, peas, corns, carrots at the frozen food section. Frozen is better than canned due to less preservatives and salt used.

The fact that you will do everything in one day leaves you with more free time for the rest of the week. Also, the preparing of meals is much easier when at least some part of the dish is already prepared. Vegetables are a needed for a nutritious meal.


  1. Begin Your Mornings with a Pre-made Food.


Many people claim that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. They are probably right. Unfortunately, though, not everyone has time to get up and prepare everything before going to work. Some people manage to grab a cup of coffee and be on their way to work without eating anything. This is a bad practice as this usually means stopping at a junk food store and grabbing something to eat before coming to work. That is why it is recommended to have something prepared in the evening prior. There are plenty of different kinds of food that can be prepared beforehand. Try some overnight oats, pre-mashed hard boiled eggs for sandwich filling.


  1. Prepare Your Meals on Weekends


Just like the third advice, this one also works as a great time saver. Preparing meals on the weekend is a good way to ensure you have more time every other day of the week. This is not only a great advice to save time but it also reduces the amount of stress if you do not have enough time to head to the store during your lunch break.


  1. Make Extra Food and Store It


If you have some time to spare use it wisely. When making a meal it is usually no problem to increase the number of meals. For example, if you are making a lasagna, adding extra ingredients to increase quantity is a good idea. You will be able to put extra in the fridge for later use. The same can be said about plenty of other meals. Generally food is still safe to eat up to 2 nights in the fridge, while up to couple weeks when frozen.


  1. Make Meals That Are Quicker to Make

recipe book

The final and probably the most obvious tip is to make meals that do not take a long time. The Internet is full of recipes which require little time to make. It all depends on you to do some research.

Salads and sandwiches are indeed fast to make. If you want more variety, it will be good to be more creative with the oven. It takes 20-30mins to bake fish, chicken in the oven, but you only need to splatter some spices (salt, pepper, lemon slices) on it and before baking it in the oven. If you line the baking tray with aluminum foil, you don’t even need to clean up after!



There are plenty of other ways you can save extra time and money when preparing meals. Even though the alternative to eat out is there, it is better if you know what that you are consuming healthy food.

It is much better to prepare as many meals yourself as no amount of time is more important than maintaining ahealthier life. It is pointless  to have all the time or money; but an unhealthy body with an illness.

Getting experience in food cooking is a great way to improve your overall quality of life and with the number of recipes you can find online it should be a hobby, not a chore.

This guestpost is courtesy of Lifestyle Tic, find more tips: http://www.lifestyletic.com


The Power And Pains Of Small Business Owners


Check this out, fantastic info about small business ownership.

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“Cinch partners with small business owners to help create financial solutions. We do this through creating a store credit platform (for owners to manage and sell store credit) as well as an alternative financing option. The alternative financing piece comes into place after owners because to sell their store credit, creating a credit profile with us. As their profile grows they have the option to utilize a direct, unsecured loan from us. Their success matters – we work with them to help it happen.”

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Spacerails (Great Fathers Day Gifts)



SpaceRail marble rollercoaster

Taking a SpaceRail marble rollercoaster to work is the perfect team building project.


Team building activities among friends, family, and colleagues is very important to constructing and strengthening relationships. Businesses want to create those strong relationships among employees, because in the end it means higher productivity translating to higher profit. Colleagues who participate in team building projects, like building a SpaceRail marble rollercoaster, have higher morale, feel less stressed, and have improved communication in group settings.


When people are able to interact with one another, in a friendly setting, they are able to create bonding friendships. Having friendships at the office is very beneficial to not only the participants but upper management. People are more likely to enjoy coming to work, report less absences, and have improved work performance.

Adding a SpaceRail to your lunch room where colleagues can have fun and challenge or ask advice on building is a good way to establish those friendships



Having colleagues work on fun team projects lets them take their stress energy and put it elsewhere. When people are able to focus on an entirely different project from their work, it allows them to relax from what they were doing before and turn their attention to something else. Many people, also, find that when they are occupying their hands and trying to build a SpaceRail marble rollercoaster, that they feel less stressed and feel more satisfaction of contributing to those group projects.



Having projects that force colleagues to communicate instructions to each other can also benefit communication in the office. Placing a SpaceRail kit in the office and having colleagues work together on it allows them to openly express instruction to one another, practicing their communication.


Try taking and building a SpaceRail marble run in your office. Its complexities made for adults creates a fun environment for co-workers to work with one another. Create office challenges or competitions that make it more exciting for those to participate in these team-building exercises. Then, enjoy the benefits of higher job satisfaction among employees, a less stressed environment, and better communication throughout the office.

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Lost: One Mojo, Reward If Found


Guest-post by Baroness Buttercup – courtesy of: https://baronessbuttercup.com/


I was sitting in a local coffee dispensary, writing the first draft of a blog post in my Moleskine notebook and enjoying a latte (full caffeine, whole milk, five packets of raw sugar … I’m hardcore like that, it’s just the way I roll). This particular establishment had once been known as a meeting place for lesbians; but over the years the herd has thinned and rather than a flock of femmes or a bevy of butches you’re more likely to see a gaggle of high school girls being incredulous and astonished about everything!, or important business men taking important business calls about important business things and ignoring the barista who’s trying to take their order, gathered at the watering hole.

So it came as no surprise when I heard two young lesbians at the table next to me lamenting the decline of “our” coffee shop from lesbian hot-spot to gay-friendly neighborhood joint.

“This sucks,” said one to the other. “There’s nothing but fucking straight people here anymore.”

When I glanced up at them, smiling in commiseration, she turned to me and said, “Oh, sorry!”

“No problem,” I replied, assuming she thought she’d disrupted my writing or offended me by swearing.

“I didn’t mean anything,” she continued. “It’s not like I have something against straight people.”

I looked at her, momentarily confused, until what she was saying finally hit me. “No, I’m gay!”

Now she was the one who looked confused. “You are? Wow, I totally couldn’t tell.”

“Yeah,” her friend chimed in. “Me neither. Totally.”

Suddenly I was stricken with writer’s block and my latte tasted of despair. Totally.

That evening I recounted the disturbing episode to a friend. “No wonder I can’t meet anyone,” I whined. “My own people don’t even know I’m one of them!”

“I didn’t know you were gay when I met you either,” she confessed.

“That’s different,” I told her. “You’re straight.”

“When I first saw you,” she said. “I thought you were a soccer mom or something.”

0011 Soccer MomI looked around for a vial of poison to drink, an asp to press against my breast or a windswept cliff upon the moors from which I might throw myself. Alas, there were none.

Please don’t misconstrue any of what I’ve said as a disdain or contempt for the heteronormative community. I love my Straights! I am like the Kathy Griffin of lesbians … except I don’t do stand-up, make a lot of money, piss off celebrities, my mother isn’t an alcoholic and I look way better when I’m not wearing make-up.

I know a lot of gay people say things like … There’s a guy at work who’s straight or I had a straight roommate in college onceor I think Chelsea Handler is so funny! … in an attempt to “relate” to heterosexuals. And I’m sure when we do, it sounds just as ridiculous as meeting someone who’s Japanese and blurting out, “I love origami!”

But my experience is a little different. In the summer of 2010, three weeks after my 17-year relationship imploded, a car accident left me with an ankle too badly broken to even hobble. Since neither my Ex nor I enjoyed hiking, camping or wymyn’s music festivals, we’d drifted apart from most of the lesbian-couple friends we’d once had (for those who don’t know, The Rules of Lesbian Relationships state that once you enter into one, you must phase out activities that involve things such as fun, in favor of forced marches and sleeping in the dirt). So when it ended I found myself separated from the lesbian herd, stranded in the vast desolation of South Orange County. I was lost and alone.

But then a kind woman found me. She took me in and gave me a place to sleep, she fed me, she bathed me, she got me drunk. I ate at her table, I played with her children and she made me feel like part of her family. There were social gatherings with friends who were fun and friendly and got me drunk. Eventually, she even stopped locking up her jewelry when I was alone in the house.

That woman was a heterosexual.

I’m not shocked that straight people don’t know I’m gay. Typically the only indicator I display is the silver ring on my right thumb — not the most conspicuous piece of signage.  A few years ago however, when my hair was short, they were much more adept at picking-up on my lesbianisoty, sometimes saying, “I knew it! My gaydar’s always been really great!” And by “gaydar,” I can only assume they meant guessing that inch-long, purple, spiky hair might be favored by lesbians, because they were really great at doing that! It’s weird though, now that my hair is longer and blonde and I’ve learned to use some basic tools (blow-dryer, round-brush, thing that’s a blow-dryer and a round-brush combined together), I don’t meet as many straight people with really great gaydar.

I’m not really all that surprised when other gay people don’t know I’m a lesbian because I’m not the best at just spotting other gay people, either; and I usually have to do the eye-contact thing. My lesbian-detection abilities are weakest at the bank or Target or a shopping mall — places that I think of as out of context. So it stands to reason that there are others like me who have trouble getting a signal in certain areas. But when I’m in a recognized lesbian-zone (eg, hiking trails, softball fields, The Home Depot) — places that are in context, I’m a little bewildered. Has my lesbi-mojo slipped so far that even in a lesbian(ish) coffee shop I’m undetectable to other lesbians?

The eye-contact thing …

… is when two gay people see each, their eyes meet and in that moment, however brief, a message passes between them saying, “Hello. I see that you are gay. I too am gay.” I’ve describe this “telepathy” to heterosexuals who also claimed to have it, they are mistaken however. They may correctly identify someone and think “Hello. I see that you are lesbian. I am one of those straight people who can tell.”  But, straight people make accurate guesses based on outward appearance, while gays can do it without such signs. Also, the lesbian looking back at you is thinking, “Wow, good guess. Were my cargo shorts your first clue?”

And now that we’ve got my mojo all beat down and weak, let’s throw that soccer mom comment at it and see if we can kill it, shall we? But don’t jump to any anti-soccer mom conclusions about me just yet. The truth is I like soccer moms. A lot. I have this image of a tired woman schlepping around her screaming brood and their tangled accumulation of sports equipment, turning up the stereo in the minivan to try and drown out the incessant noise and the voice in her head that won’t stop asking is this the life you always dreamed of?

Maybe I’m just a romantic, or maybe I watch too much porn, but I want to take Soccer Mom away from all that. If it’s the former, then I’ll meet her at work or perhaps the gym, she’ll find me witty and charismatic and strangely intriguing. We’ll become fast friends and there will be a montage of us walking on the beach with our pants rolled up to the knee, laughing together over drinks and one where we both reach for something at the same time, our fingers touch, our eyes meet and then we both look quickly away, played over a song like Corrine Bailey Rae’s Put Your Records On. Eventually she’ll confess that she has feelings for me but that it’s too complicated because of the kids and the custody fight with her bastard of an ex-husband. She’ll say “I’m sorry, I just can’t do this” and walk out of the apartment, leaving me standing there feeling hurt and alone … only to burst back through the door a minute later saying, “Who am I kidding?” as she throws her arms around me and kisses me (dear heterosexuals, you’ve just been introduced to the basic plot line of almost every lesbian romance movie on the market … we have movies too, and they’re just as cheesy as yours!). If it’s the latter, I’ll show up at her house to do some repair work inexplicably wearing 5” pumps and carrying a toolbox full of sex toys (there’s a Snap-on Tools joke in there, but this post is already getting too long), and we will commence to fuck like monkeys as soon as thebowchicabowow music starts (dear uhhh … oh hell, you all already know … everyone watches this crap).

So you see, my anguish has nothing to do with an aversion to either heterosexuals or mother’s of children involved in organized sports. It’s that I now feel my self-image is distorted and my self-perception on par with that of Donald Trump. By allowing my hair to grow did I inadvertently don some kind of lesbian cloak of invisibility? Did the time I spent living with the heterosexuals alter my chemical pheromones that alert others gays to my presence among them? Do I not exude the aura of self-assured, devilishly-charming lesbian romance-movie character I imagine? After living in South Orange County for so long could I have absorbed the appearance and mannerisms of a soccer mom without even realizing it? Is it possible that theStepford Wives phenomenon rumor is actually true?

My mind reels with self-doubt, unanswered questions and thoughts of the Wahl clippers gathering dust on the top shelf of my closet.

Cell Phone Accessories Guide & Resources


It is really difficult today to find a person without having having a cell phone. Cell phones use today has increased rapidly with a huge reduction in maintenance costs due to the centralization of telecom sector usually in most of the countries. Cell phone market today has in fact generated a huge amount of revenue in the previous 5 years. There are a number of mobile service providers also have grown up in all the territories and they have built up a thriving business and counting huge revenue.

Recently, another issue came up to into light. It is related to the safety and security of the cell phones and also about the safety of the users at the time of using them. The main aim of buying a cell phone accessories is safety and its security. These will also help you in taking complete advantage of the cell phone. It will also start performing at a higher level after adding some of the accessories and you might feel that your cell phone is even looking better than before. By getting proper and quality accessories that meets your requirement, you will be able to even use the cell phone for multipurpose.

As mentioned above, mobile phone accessories have various functions. Some are designed and manufactured for security, some provide safety, and some are designed just for looks. There are many number of industries in the market today which produce different types of mobile phone accessories. Some most popular and good quality cell phone accessories manufacturing companies are Siemens, Panasonic, Motorola, Nokia, Kyocera, Samsung, Philips, Sony-Ericsson, and Bosch.

The most popular mobile phone accessories today are:

Hands-free car kit – This accessory allows the person to talk on his mobile phone while keeping the hands rested properly on the steering of the car. Hence, this accessory ensures the safety and security of the user. The main points that needs to be observed while buying a hands free kit are comfort, quality, sound quality and design of the kit.

Travel charger – This is one of the most important accessories. Travel charger can help you in charging the cell phone if the battery is running low any time while traveling.

Bluetooth – This device can add additional ability to the cell phone. A mobile phone that have a blue-tooth device can easily establish the wireless connection along with other supported devices. Hence, this removes the need of using physical cables.

Antenna booster – This device can help in improving the signal strength of your mobile phone. It is really very helpful when we are at hills and mountains.

Data cable – This accessory helps you in transferring the data from PC to mobile phone or vice versa.

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Reduce Stress with One Ancient Word


Reduce Stress with One Ancient Word

Courtesy of: http://stabbinginthedark.com


just finished reading “How to Live -or- The Life of Montaigne” by Sarah Bakewell. Renaissance writers were obsessed with the question of  “How should we live life?”   Michael Eyquem de Montaigne, considered to be the first “modern” individual was no exception. Reading about his discovery of Skepticism, and more specifically Pyrrhonism Skepticism, had an intellectually rejuvenating effect on me.

I’ll save you the history listen of the philosophy of Skepticism, but I’ll share the end game.

“All I know is that I know nothing, and I’m not even sure about that.”  – Pyrrhonism Skeptism Saying

This group of philosophers enjoyed using a one-word response to any and all questions — “epekho” which is Greek for “I suspend judgment.”

There is an incongruent nature of modern society.  The complexity of all that surrounds us increases daily; specialists reign supreme and generalists go hungry, yet everyone has an opinion on everything.  How is this possible?  Further, we place this expectation upon ourselves perhaps without even realizing it.

What do you think about global warming?  How about immigration reform?  Our criminal justice system?  Nuclear Power?  Chinese-American international relations?

These are complex issues about which very few of us have spent much time researching or learning.  Further, it is possible that there are an infinite number of answers to these increasingly complex scenarios, yet there seems to be intense pressure to select the “right” answer from two available options.  However, as social creatures, we take our social cues from our peers and if everyone else has an opinion on “everything,” I guess, I will too.  I find this exhausting.

I think we’d all reduce our stress levels if we weren’t incessantly holding ourselves to an unobtainable standard of having an answer to everything.  Say “I don’t know” or even “epekho” – I suspend judgment.

Extend this further, as the Greek Skeptics did, so our reactions to events in our lives.  We are obsessed with categorizing events, moment by moment, as “good” or “bad.”  We have no idea whether being laid off from our jobs is “good” or “bad” — time will tell a story that is guaranteed to be a vastly different than the one in your head today, you know this.   The consequences of the events in our lives — caught in traffic, late for an appointment, underperformed during a presentation, closed the deal, received (or didn’t) the promotion — are never really clear to us at the moment.

Might it be refreshing to try to react with “epekho” in response to your day’s events?

I’m not sure we realize the damage we doing to our psyche when we hold ourselves to an omnipotent standard.  I challenge you, for just one day, to “suspend judgment” . . . take the weight off of your shoulders, let the universe unfold as it should, and reveal the consequences to you. We are not the judge and jury of every detail of our lives, so why do we burden ourselves with the weight of that illusionary responsibility.   And we certainly don’t have to be the expert of the world’s most complex and pressing issues.   Keep in mind, I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t have an opinion, I’m simply reminding you that it is not necessary.  You can even be very informed and still epekho (suspend judgment).

Try this for a day.  Tell yourself “I don’t know” . . . “I’m not sure” . . . “I guess we’ll see” . . . “I can’t wait to see how this plays out”  Take the chains of the obsessive need to categorize every minute detail of your life into categories of “good” and “bad” from off of your shoulders.  Rest your mind and watch your stress level plummet almost instantly.

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700 Ways To Get Inspired – Author Interview With Troy Gathers

Courtesy of: http://www.facebook.com/takemewithyoubook

It’s been forever known that there is power in the written word. This is why when things get tough, you can often find many people turning to motivational and inspirational quotes to get through the day. These are quotes that we can relate to, that help us to feel empowered, and that provide us with a call to action. One outstanding inspirational book that we recommend is Take Me With You written by Author Troy Gathers.

Thanks so much for being here Troy. Tell us a little bit about yourself? Greetings, I would like to thank you first and foremost for the opportunity to speak to your audience and those interested in what I do. My name is Troy Gathers and I’m a native of Charleston, SC. I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia. My background is in Philosophy and I’m here to talk to you today about my first book titled Take Me With You.

Well congratulations on publishing your first book! What an exciting time! Can you share with us, what inspired you to write? I get asked that question a lot. My inspiration to write comes from many places. I pull from my faith, I pull from experiences, and I pull from life. I’m inspired by everyday daily life. I’m excited about this book and plan to write many more but first things first, Take Me With You.

Why did you want to write this book specifically? The everyday negative world that we live in is what draws me to being positive and writing about positivity. People can tear you down and rip you apart if you let them. I want to use my voice to inspire and uplift people. I will stand up and be counted for progression and success.

That definitely is inspiring! Even for me, just hearing you say that makes me want to take action and spread positivity. With many inspirational books on the market, what makes this book different? The character in the book is what makes it different. Take Me With You has one main character and that character is YOU, the reader. It is designed to challenge you and question your actions. Take Me With You is filled with positive words and life lessons. It also includes a monthly review to look back at how you have been spending the past month. These questions are to be answered by the reader of the book. You are the main character.

There are three chapters in the book: Friends, Family, and Faith. The book is broken into 2 daily quotes giving readers the ability to finish the book in one complete calendar year. Each quote is designed to help readers to dig deep and experience a transformation that can lead them to living a more positive and fulfilling lifestyle as it relates to the three chapter topics.

Wow! I love that! And there are 700 original quotes in this book? That’s simply amazing. Yes, all of those quotes and all of my ideas come from the man upstairs. Throughout my life, I have been guided and protected. When I was younger we moved a lot and because of that I ended up going to 8 different grade schools. I had to deal with many obstacles; always being the new kid on the block. But the man upstairs protected me and as time went on, I was not affected by those distractions. Instead, I was able to focus on my education and living a positive life. I appreciate it all and I try to pay it forward.

So Troy, if you could only tell us one thing about the book, what would you want us to know? I want the world to know that Take Me With You is not just a quote book but a life book. This book can go anywhere with you. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from,Take Me With You can be an addition to your daily routine. The words in this book can be utilized by a top executive as well as a grade school scholar. The knowledge base is that broad. The book is composed of thought provoking statements that will help you bring about positive change in your life.

Well we need more positivity in the world. You can’t get enough of that. Just out of curiosity, do you plan to publish any additional books? Yes. Take Me With You is a volume series. Be sure to keep your eyes open for future projects. You can learn more about this book and future projects on the Take Me With You Facebook page.

Our readers will surely want to purchase Take Me With You book, where can they find it? Take Me With You can be purchased on Amazon.com and Kindle.

Troy Gathers is an American Author, Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur. He is the author of the inspirational literary work Take Me With You. Gathers is an avid philanthropist who travels to churches, schools, and prisons providing words of encouragement. You can connect with Author Troy Gathers on the Take Me With You Facebook page.